Non Prescription Colored Contact Lenses

Find non prescription colored contact lenses online plus advice on what you need to know before ordering.

Why on earth would you want to put pieces of thin plastic into your eyes if you have perfect vision?

To change your natural eye color of course!

And what a difference it can make! You can have piercing blue eyes just like actor Daniel Craig (aka James Bond) using color enhancing contact lenses, or completely change your look with a transformation of eye color from green to brown or even purple, using one of the latest fashion colors.

Personally, I think colored contact lenses should look totally natural...and purple is hardly a normal shade for the eyes...but fashion is fashion...

...and fashion is what is driving the current trend for non prescription colored contact lenses as you don't actually need to wear lenses for vision correction to buy them.

Contact Lenses without a Prescription

You do need to understand a few things before rushing out to buy contact lenses without a prescription. Contacts don't come with a one-size-fits-all tag; they have different sizes, known as diameters (the width of the lens) depending on which brand you choose.

NB: This is why you MUST visit an optician to have your eyes tested and FITTED - EVEN IF YOU HAVE 20:20 VISION! Otherwise you won't know which size of lens to order. If you buy a lens that is too wide for your eye shape, for instance, it will feel uncomfortable and may well put you off wearing contact lenses completely.

The most popular non prescription colored contact lenses are soft disposable lenses, as these are the easiest to get used to for occasional wear purposes; many people use these so-called fashion lenses to change their appearance on a daily basis so they don't want lenses intended to be worn for up to a year.

Freshlook make really comfortable 2 week disposable colored lenses available in both prescription and ZERO prescription form ie. the lenses don't have any corrective power.

cheap Freshlook Contact lenses Freshlook Colorblends - $75.99 per box of 6 lenses

Freshlook Colorblends come in 12 different shades including turquoise and hazel and are a bi-monthly disposable lens. They can be worn up to a month if you are carefully clean your lenses after removing them each day. They are popular due to the wide range of colors and the fact that they are suitable for both light and dark eyes

The 3 in 1 technology used in the Freshlook range gives your own eyes a natural color boost and they are available as non-prescription colored contact lenses by ordering 0.0 power.

Freshlook color contact lenses come in three different options - Colorblends that naturally enhance eye color whether you have light or dark eyes, Colors which give a more dramatic look and are specifically for patients with dark eyes and Dimensions which are designed for patients with very light eyes.

Want to try these lenses? Save an extra 20% on already low prices with AC Lens.

Daily Disposable Non Prescription Colored Contact Lenses

If you a first-time contact lens wearer, you may find a daiy disposable colored lens is the best way to go initially. They are more expensive than bi-monthly or monthly lenses, but they will work out cheaper if you decide a non-prescription colored contact lens is not for you!

Dailies Colors Dailies Colors - $32.99/box of 30 lenses

Dailies Colors are currently the only daily disposable colored contact lenses available. They are the best option for first time color contact lens wearers and also great for those used to wearing daily disposable lenses rather than monthlies. They cost $32.99 for a box of 30 lenses.

While 1-day disposable colored contacts are expensive, Dailies Colors are also available to buy in a value for money 90-pack for $68.99.

TIP: Be careful with daily disposable lenses, however, as they are very thin and easily torn as you try to fish them out of the tiny box they come in; a difficult task for anyone with big hands and fingers!
By the way... remember to get those eyes tested first as you STILL need to visit an optician to get your lenses FITTED.

Cosmetic Colored Contact Lenses

Of course if you are going to try cosmetic non prescription colored contact lenses, don't just think of them as fashion accessories. You should never share them with your friends for example - this could lead to serious eye infections!

Plus you MUST clean and disinfect your lenses using contact lens solution EVERY TIME YOU WEAR YOUR LENSES. Again, if you don't, you may get an eye infection and, while this may lead to a natural eye color change - your eyes will be red and itch a lot! - let me assure you it is NOT a pleasant experience.

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