Colored Multifocal Contact Lenses

Can you buy colored multifocal contact lenses? Yes you can and I can show you where at the best price.

When I was doing my research on multifocal and bifocal contacts, I did wonder whether any manufacturer makes these more complex contact lenses with color tints.

After all, colored lenses are so popular at the moment, it seemed logical that as people get older, they may want to continue wearing a colored lens, but might need a bifocal prescription.

The good news is that you can buy colored multifocal contact lenses, but the bad news is that there aren't currently any options available in the most popular colored contacts such as Freshlook Colorblends.

Colored Multifocal Contact Lenses

If you are looking for colored multifocal lenses, you have to go the custom route. This actually makes perfect sense as multifocal prescriptions can be complex especially when you have to consider whether an aspheric or alternating vision lens is your best option.

Tip: Please read my Multifocal Contacts page to learn more about the different types of multifocal lenses such as aspheric contacts.

Some custom lenses are very expensive, for example, the colored custom lenses worn by actors for theatrical effect in vampire movies. But there are custom options for people who require a colored lens AND a multifocal prescription.

Buy Colored Multifocal Contacts

colored multifocal contact lenses Boston XO custom RGP colored lens $35.99 per lens

The Boston XO RGP colored lens is a custom made lens available in 5 different colours that can be custom manufactured in a variety of forms including toric (for people with astigmatism) and aspheric, for those requiring a multifocal prescription.

An apsheric contact lens provides multifocal vision by having the near power in the center of the lens and the distance power towards the outside of the lens. Some people prefer soft lenses, but these rigid gas permeable or, as they are now known, oxygen permeable lenses are slightly flexible and provide superior surface wettability, deposit resistance and supreme comfort.

buy multifocal colored contacts Boston ES custom RGP colored lens $35.99 per lens

The best selling Boston ES RGP colored lens is a made-to-order lens available in 6 different colours inclusing ice blue, green and brown; it can be custom manufactured in a variety of forms including bifocal and multifocal options.

Crafted from a patented oxygen-permeable material that allows your eyes to breathe, these low-maintenance contact lenses are durable, retain their shape when you blink and provide sharper vision than other types of lenses.

So if you want a color tint on your multifocal contact lenses, the custom RGP lenses above are well worth a look. And for a custom made lens, they really are great value for money.

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Multifocal Contacts

Don't forget that you need to check with your eye doctor before ordering lenses online and that most people trying multifocals for the first time have to try several different types and brands before finding a brand and type of lens that focuses correctly for perfect comfortable vision.

Clear vision from a pair of comfortable lenses must be your first priority, so get that right first, before thinking about adding color to an already complex prescription.

Tip: While colored multifocal contact lenses options are really limited, advances in technology will undoubtedly bring additional options to the market. So bookmark this page to keep up with any updates and share it on Facebook for friends to keep up with any updates too.
UPDATE May 2022: The big manufacturers have even less choice when it comes to colored contacts - Acuvue Colours are no longer available for instance - but more specialist contact lens manufacturers are making custom lenses to order in almost ANY prescription. BUT they are not cheap. I'll be back with an update with any new offerings as they become available.

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