Halloween Eye Contacts

Spook all your friends and enemies with scary Halloween eye contacts.

Halloween marks the start of the Holiday season all over the world and holding or going to a Halloween party means lots of dressing up.

If you want to create a truly scary look this year, then why not try a pair of weird and wacky crazy Halloween contact lenses?

riddick contacts White-Out Contacts FDA APPROVED - $29.50 /pair

Choose from a multitude of different styles including spiral lenses for a hypnotic zombie look to dark red lenses to denote blood-filled eyes, just like Dracula!

Or maybe go for highly popular white-out or all-black lenses that are totally creepy.

The blind white colored lenses in the picture to the left create both a scary appearance and also work well as a mirror-effect contact lens if you want to recreate that Chronicles of Riddick look.

NB Halloween eye contacts have gotten a VERY bad reputation over the last few years due to the multiple eye infections caused by incorrect usage, largely due to inferior quality. Only a few online retailers now offer FDA or EU approved colored Halloween contact lenses. It's REALLY important to only buy from quality approved retailers and any of my suggestions on this site only link to FDA or EWU approved retailers, so you can buy with confidence.

Halloween Eye Contacts - Vampire Lenses

vampire contacts Red Vampire Contacts FDA APPROVED - $29.50 /pair

These bloodshot eyes soft contact lenses are perfect for the highly popular zombie look and need little more in terms of a fancy dress outfit than a touch of red face-paint and some scruffy tattered clothes; the more rips in them the better!

As zombies are pretty much brain-dead, a white-out lens like the one further above is also great for creating that oblivious-of anything vacant look as well as being scary.

Please note my trusted everyday contact lens supplier AC Lens no longer offer colored contact lenses for Halloween, due to the many problems that wearers have encountered over the last few years.

Despite the fact that most unscrupulous reatilers have been shut down, there are still, worringly, many companies offering cheap Halloween contact lenses online from as little as $5 per pair. Very few, if any, have been approved by the FDA so be wary of what you may think is a bargain – the lenses are likely to be thicker and made of cheap non-breathable plastic so dry eye contact lens sufferers beware.

Halloween Contact Lenses

The reason there are many cheap Halloween contact lenses on the market is that most of them are sold as plano lenses with zero power that don't alter your vision ie. for people who don't normally wear contacts. There is basically a huge market for so-called fashion cosmetic contact lenses, popularized by celebrities like Paris Hilton who likes to change her eye color as often as her clothing.

While it is perfectly safe for someone who does not need lenses for vision correction to wear Halloween eye contacts, most people don't realize that you still need to visit an optician to have your eyes tested first.

Tip: Some people can't wear ordinary contacts due to the shape of their eyes so if you don't visit an optician first, you'll never know and could end up damaging the one thing you need to see - your eyes!

So when shopping online, always beware of sites that don't ask for any form of prescription (to prove you have seen an eye doctor even if you DO have perfect vision) - chances are they are selling cheap lenses made in China as opposed to contacts approved by the FDA that will not harm the eyes; approved lenses will also be more comfortable as they are thinner and easier to insert and remove.

Still thinking of wearing Halloween eye contacts? Read my related pages for further advice and best places to buy colored contacts before making a final decision.

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