Light Sensitive Eyes

Light sensitive eyes require comfortable contact lenses but what else too?

Some people have very sensitive eyes, and I'm one of them!

My eyes are ultra sensitive to light and can get sore when there is lots of dust flying around. Wind also affects my vision, which is why I always wear sunglasses to protect my eyes.

Tip: As I'm regularly out on my bike cycling I use special mountain bike sunglasses with interchangeable lenses - great for contact lens wearers in all types of light conditions!

Dry Itchy Light Sensitive Eyes

light sensitive eyes Sensitive eyes

If you are prone to dry itchy eyes, it may be because your eyes are more sensitive to things like dust or the natural tears produced by your body that help to lubricate your eyes and also your contact lenses.

You may also have an irregularly shaped cornea, otherwise known as astigmatism and this can mean a greater sensitivity to foreign bodies, including contact lenses! Many people finid their eyes are not just dry when they put contacts in, but they also suffer from inflammation of the eye as it reacts with the contact lens.

Thankfully, I don't have a problem with contact lens comfort, but that's mainly because I have found a brand of lenses that work for me - Acuvue Moist Daily Disposables

Comfortable Contact Lenses

Apart from using the most comfortable contact lenses you can find and afford, there are other things you can do to keep them comfortable all day, rather than just resort to occasional wear because your lenses are too itchy to leave in all day:

  • Pay extra attention to cleaning and disinfecting. It's critical that no impurity is present on the lens before you place it in the eye so wash your hands thoroughly, dry them on a smooth cloth rather than a towel, which can "molt" onto your fingers and leave tiny fragments of cotton, and inspect the lens by holding it up to the light before you insert it into the eye.

  • Now even MORE important in these strange Covid-19 times!
  • Wear sunglasses when going outside - use different color sunglass lenses for light or dark conditions and consider wrap-around styles if your eyes are sensitive to wind.

  • Use a contact lens cleaning solution made specially for sensitive eyes. I use Bausch and Lomb's BioTrue solution which I find perfect for my light sensitive eyes.

Tip: BioTrue is great for cleaning and rinsing but also disinfects your lenses when stored overnight - killing any nasty germs. A great value solution that does-it-all.

Bausch and Lomb also produce a range of products under the Sensitive Eyes® label. If you need a separate cleaner, saline solution and eye drops, consider Sensitive Eyes® daily cleaner; Sensitive Eyes® saline solution and Sensitive Eyes® re-wetting drops, for the most comfortable contact lenses throughout the day, specially for light sensitive eyes.

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