Chronicles of Riddick Contact Lenses

Get mirror eyes with Chronicles of Riddick contact lenses. Find affordable mirror-effect lenses here.

mirror lenses Vin Diesel mirror contacts

Vin Diesel's shiny eyes in the Chronicles of Riddick movie gave him perfect vision. You too can look just like Vin Diesel by popping in a pair of special effect Riddick contact lenses accompanied, of course, by a pair of sunglasses.

Vin Diesel wore them in the movie as his eyes were sensitive to light but the sunglasses are perfect for a Halloween party for the pure shock factor when you take them off!

Riddick Contacts

Riddick contacts are a type of lens known as SFX (special effects); the mirrored part on the outside is only visible to the onlooker (your friends or enemies!) but the wearer (you!) can see perfectly. Some mirror lenses are large in size and cover the whole of the eyeball...

...known as SCLERA lenses...Sclera means the white membrane that covers the entire eye...

while others are the size of an ordinary soft contact lens and only cover the colored part of the eye, the iris.

There are a lot of cheap Chinese Halloween contact lenses on the market and many have not passed health and safety standards, but theatrical grade contacts like the ones in the picture above cost a lot more than normal colored lenses as most of the time they are made to order and the special effect is hand-painted.

SFX lenses like these are thicker than ordinary contacts and they take a little while to get used to especially if you are a regular daily or bi-monthly lens wearer. For maximum safety, it's wise to only buy from approved retailers and that means spending a little more - expect to pay over $100 PER lens in the US for mirror effect lenses.

A value for money alternative to a mirror lens is to try a blind white lens, which gives a similar effect. Companies like Crazy Lenses sell a wide range of special effect contact lenses including mirror effect/white blind lenses for the Riddick look.

Your eyes are a precious commodity so think before you buy...would you put a cheap pair of Chinese contacts in your delicate eyes if you weren't sure they were completely safe?

Crazy Contact Lenses - Chronicles of Riddick Contact Lenses

riddick contacts Riddick Blind White Contacts - £7.99 /pair

At just £7.99 per pair, this White Blind Out style is the cheapest mirror-effect contact lens I've found. It's a white blind lens, not totally mirror-like, but a good substitute!

The lens has 38% water content so is comfortable to wear all day/night, packaged in a sterile buffered saline solution and is manufactured in the UK in accordance with the EU cosmetics directive. So it's safe to wear.

These white blind contacts are available from Crazy Contacts with fast worldwide shipping, including the US, at affordable prices.

BUT these lenses have one big drawback - you CANNOT see through them that well as you only have 20% vision, so only consider wearing this lens if you have plenty of friends who will guide you around the party!

Make an entrance at any fancy dress party, especially Halloween, wearing some authentic Chronicles of Riddick contact lenses. Just be sure to buy from reputable retailers to ensure your oh so delicate eyes won't come to any harm.

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