Colored Contacts without Prescription

How to buy crazy colored contacts without prescription

Are you looking for crazy Halloween contact lenses without a prescription?

I'd like to tell you what "without a prescription" really means as so many people with perfect eyesight assume they don't need an actual prescription to order colored contact lenses online.

Websites offering colored lenses with no prescription are simply referring to the power of the lens, in this case ZERO, otherwise known as a plano lens. It means that someone with perfect eye vision can wear the lenses as a fashion accessory, just like actors do in the movies when playing vampires or simply to mimic a character more, as Angelina Jolie did in the movie A Mighty Heart when she wore brown contact lenses.

It does NOT mean, however, that you shouldn't visit an optician to have your eyes tested for contact lens suitability first.

Crazy Colored Contacts without Prescription

Green contact lenses
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Crazy contact lenses can be worn by anyone, whether or not they need lenses for vision correction.

But it's important to have those lenses FITTED by a qualified optometrist.


Here's an example:

Freshlook is one of the most popular brands of cosmetic colored contact lenses. Freshlook Colors have a SET base curve of 8.6 and a diameter of 14.5. If, like me, you wear a different sized lens (in my case, Acuvue Moist which has a base curve of 9.0 and a diameter of 14.2) then these colored lenses may not fit very well.

Regular contact lens wearers will have their eye doctor's prescription and can read that Base Curve (BC) is a number between 8.0 and 9.5 and that Diameter (Dia) is a number between 14.0 and 14.5. The number depends on the size and shape of your eye which can only be found out after an eye test.

If you have perfect vision but haven't seen an optician first then you won't know which size to order and critically, you won't know if your eyes are suitable for contact lenses.

THINK - would YOU risk harming your eyes by inserting a foreign body if you weren't sure it was completely safe?

Clean and Disinfect Plano Lenses

Your optician will also be able to advise you on correct cleaning and disinfecting techniques for plano lenses. Here's a reminder:

  • Always ensure contacts are perfectly clean before putting them in.
  • Do not wear colored contacts for long periods over 12 hours, especially if eyes feel sore and if you don't normally wear lenses.
  • Do NOT swop crazy contacts with friends so you can see the effect on other people - use a mirror instead!
  • After use, ALWAYS clean and disinfect lenses and place them in a case covered by contact lens solu

    tion recommended by your optometrist.

  • If you don't plan to wear the lenses again for several weeks, remember to change the solution at least once a month but preferably every two weeks.

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