Color Eye Contacts to Enhance Eye Color

Use color eye contacts to enhance your natural eye color.

I once tried colored contact lenses but that was many years ago before disposable soft colored lenses were available. Today the colored lens market is growing at a rapid rate.

Fuelled by celebrities changing their eye color as often as their clothing, it seems as though everyone wants to change the look of their eyes too.

And by that I mean EVERYONE, as color eye contacts are available both in prescription (for vision correction) and non prescription ie. zero power or plano form, for people with perfect vision who just want to change their eye color.

Colored Contact Lenses for Light Eyes

air optix colors Air Optix Colors
6-pack $89.99, also available as 2-pack @ $34.99

There are two types of colored contact lenses, ones that ENHANCE eye color, making it brighter and more sparkling and ones that completely CHANGE eye color; these are known as opaque colored contacts.

Alcon, offer very comfortable color contacts in color enhancing shades to suit both light and dark eyes. They are called Air Optix Colors and are available to buy either in a 2-pack form or a more economical 6-pack form as shown above.

Color enhancing lenses used to only be suitable for people with light eyes, mainly pale green, gray or blue, but Air Optix Colors come in 12 different shades to suit both light AND dark eyes.

Their unique 3 in 1 color technology blends with your natural eye color to provide a beautiful, natural appearance. AIR OPTIX COLORS contact lenses are available in a full range of beautiful colors, from subtle to vibrant, so experiment to see which color you prefer.

NB: These Air Optix lenses are monthly disposable color eye contacts. If you are used to wearing daily disposable lenses, then you may want to try Alcon's Dailies Colors instead.

Color Eye Contacts - Disposable Colored Contact Lenses

The introduction of disposable colored contact lenses has made changing or enhancing eye color both easy and affordable. Prior to that, many colored contacts were only available as expensive custom lenses and therefore only accessible to the rich and famous.

One of the main brands, Acuvue, no longer make color eye contacts and Alcon are the only manufacturer currently offering affordable daily and monthly disposable colored contact lenses. It is worth noting that each of the products they make, Air Optix Colors, Dailies Colors and the popular Freshlook brand, do come in different sizes. Freshlook Colorblends, for example, have a base curve of 8.6 and a diameter of 14.5. Whereas Dailies Colors have a base curve of 8.6, but the diameter is much smaller at only 13.8.

Which makes it all the more important to visit your optician for a color eye contacts FITTING as you don't want to order the wrong size online!

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