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Here's What's New

Soft Eye Contacts

Why soft eye contacts prevent dry eyes and offer all day long comfort when using contact lenses

Continue reading "Soft Eye Contacts"

What are the best daily contact lenses

Discover what are the best daily contact lenses in 2023. Save money as big brands are not always the best

Continue reading "What are the best daily contact lenses"

Swimming in Contact Lenses

Is swimming in contact lenses safe? Discover the potential risks of wearing contacts in water and the best contact lenses for watersports

Continue reading "Swimming in Contact Lenses"

Color Contacts for Dark Eyes

Find the right color contacts for dark eyes, opaque lenses that completely change your eye color

Continue reading "Color Contacts for Dark Eyes"

Green tint multifocal contacts

I am interested in multifocal contact lenses, with transition and tinted green. Do you sell such an item?

Continue reading "Green tint multifocal contacts"

Problems with Contact Lenses

Why swimming in a chlorinated pool can cause severe problems with contact lenses including sensitivity to light and even blindness through contracting a severe eye infection

Continue reading "Problems with Contact Lenses"

Most Comfortable Contact Lenses

Learn why so many people don't wear the most comfortable contact lenses and why you may need to change your brand of contacts in 2022

Continue reading "Most Comfortable Contact Lenses"

Colored Multifocal Contact Lenses

Can you buy colored multifocal contact lenses? Yes you can and I can show you where at the best price

Continue reading "Colored Multifocal Contact Lenses"

Mirrored Contact Lenses

Where to Buy Mirrored Contact Lenses, both wide diameter and normal size

Continue reading "Mirrored Contact Lenses"

Chronicles of Riddick Contact Lenses

Look like Vin Diesel with Chronicles of Riddick contact lenses

Continue reading "Chronicles of Riddick Contact Lenses"

Halloween Eye Contacts

Get the gothic scary look with Halloween eye contacts

Continue reading "Halloween Eye Contacts"

Mirror tinted contact lenses

Get amazing eyes with mirror tinted contact lenses that let you see out when others can't see in

Continue reading "Mirror tinted contact lenses"

Special Effects Contact Lenses

Get the Twilight look with Special Effects Contact Lenses

Continue reading "Special Effects Contact Lenses"

Best Value Daily Contacts

What are the best value daily contacts in 2021? Soft contacts that are super comfortable AND great value for money. And they're NOT from an expensive big brand

Continue reading "Best Value Daily Contacts"

Eye Makeup with Contact Lenses

Is it safe to wear eye makeup with contact lenses? Find out with our tips to keep eyes beautiful and healthy

Continue reading "Eye Makeup with Contact Lenses"

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