Sport Contact Lenses

Why wearing sport contact lenses can enhance sporting performance.

Do you participate in a lot of sports?

If you do and you don't have perfect vision, because you're long or short sighted, then wearing contact lenses for your chosen sporting activity, could make a real difference to your performance.

My main sport is cycling and my my ultra comfortable contacts work perfectly in all kinds of weather, come rain, wind, hail or sunshine. While my husband doesn't wear contact lenses every day, when riding, he always pops in a pair of daily disposable contact lenses.

He always used to complain his lenses were uncomfortable after a few hours, but since he tried Acuvue Moist, daily disposable soft lenses, he usually doesn't even remember he's wearing them and I've even had to remind him to throw them away at the end of the day!

Benefits of Sport Contact Lenses

sport contact lenses Sports Contact Lenses

Here are a few reasons why contact lenses are better for sport:

  • They offer much better peripheral vision; unlike glasses, when you look sideways, you can see properly, rather than having your vision impeded by the frame of your glasses.

  • When it's wet, hot or humid, they don't steam up and obstruct your vision; perfect for sports like water-skiing!

  • If your sport requires protective eyewear like goggles or a mask, sport contact lenses are ideal to wear underneath, rather than trying to cram a pair of eyeglasses beneath the goggles or mask.

  • Active sportsmen and women work hard as they move around and sweat a lot; wearing contact lenses means you don't have to worry about glasses falling off your nose or getting gunged up with horrible sweat.

  • The right contact lenses can actually improve your vision and therefore your performance, for example tinted lenses or contacts specially designed to stay in place more securely on your eyeball.

Performance Sport Contact Lenses

Certain types of contact lenses work better for different kinds of sports. And so many active people wear contacts for vision correction these days, the demand for performance contact lenses is growing all the time.

A couple of years ago, Nike brought out some patented "light architecture" contacts called Nike Maxsight. They were available in two different tints in both plano (zero prescription) and prescription form for those needing vision correction. The amber tinted lenses were intended for sports like tennis to enhance the wearer's ability to see fast-moving balls in different light conditions. The grey-green tinted lenses were intended for sports played in open conditions and bright sunlight, eg. golf or athletics.

These lenses have since been discontinued, presumably due to lack of demand, but you can still obtain specially tinted lenses by getting custom-made lenses from companies like Marietta Vision who produce custom made lenses for theatrical use.

Alternatively, a much cheaper option is to choose a comfortable pair of slightly tinted lenses from brands like Johnson and Johnson's Acuvue range.

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