Kim Kardashian Contact Lenses

Get the blue-eyed look with Kim Kardashian contact lenses. You too can have blue eyes even if your normal eye color is brown or green. And you can also try them whether or not you need contacts for vision correction. Find out more right here.

kim kardashian contact lenses Kim's stunning new blue-eyed look
©Kim Kardashian/Twitter

Kim Kardashian has become the latest star to join the ranks of celebrities sporting a whole new look by changing the color of their eyes. And when a hot celebrity with their own reality TV show sports a new fashion look, you can bet tens of thousands of people will try to copy it.

But before you rush out to buy blue contact lenses, take some time to find out what the risks might be, especially if you have never worn contact lenses before.

Blue Colored Contact Lenses

While many people try green or blue cosmetic colored contact lenses just for the fun of it, just as many never even end up using their new purchase, either because they just can't get the lenses into their eyes or because they find them way too uncomfortable.

kim kardashian image Kim's normal dark brown eye color

Kim Kardashian has dark brown eyes as you can see in the picture opposite and while I'm not sure whether she normally wears contacts to correct her vision, she will have chosen an opaque colored blue lens which completely changes the eye color.

Contact lenses are made of plastic and while disposable soft lenses are the most popular choice these days because they are ultra comfortable, they still take quite a bit of practice to insert and take out.

At the end of the day, you are putting a foreign body into your eye and just like getting a fly or dust in your eye, this can cause irritation. Many first time wearers also find them uncomfortable after a few hours wear, either because they have sensitive eyes or because their eye ball has a curvature (called astigmatism) and the lenses don't sit properly on the eye.

Cosmetic Colored Contacts

So how do you find out whether cosmetic colored contacts are suitable for you?

If you wear clear contacts to correct your vision, you will know your prescription and you can order blue colored Kim Kardashian contact lenses online in your prescription. See my page on colored contacts for either dark eyes or light eyes to find advice on the the best value quality colored lenses on the market.

But if you DON'T normally wear lenses, please read my page on buying non prescription colored contacts for advice on what steps to take to ensure you don't succumb to an eye infection.

You should also visit an optician to get your eyes checked over before ordering zero prescription colored lenses like Kim Kardashian's.

It's great fun to change your eye color to get the Kim Kardashian contact lenses look but do take care if you're a first time wearer.

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