Inexpensive Eyeglasses

Buy some inexpensive eyeglasses to wear when your eyes are tired from wearing contact lenses.

When my eyes are tired after a day of wearing contact lenses, I often take them out and pop on a pair of glasses to watch TV or read a book. It gives my eyes a chance to rest and also alleviates any dryness or scratchy feeling, when the lenses have simply been in my eyes too long.

The trouble is, because I only ever wear eyeglasses for the odd hour or so each week, it's really not worth investing a lot of money in the latest glasses.

And if you haven't had your prescription checked in a while, you may be using glasses with the wrong prescription that are making your eyes strain. So being able to get hold of some inexpensive eyeglasses, for occasional use, seems like a good idea right?

NB: Your prescription for eyeglasses is NOT usually the same as your contact lens prescription. Why? Because the lens in a pair of glasses is further away from your eye than a contact lens, that sits right on top of the lens.

Affordable Trendy Eyeglasses

Ronit Furst glasses Trendy Ronit Fürst glasses

These are the last pair of glasses I bought a couple of years ago, when I realised that my 10 year old glasses:

a) no longer had the right prescription and
b) looked very very dorky - big round frames with a hideous design on the frame!

So off I went to my local optician in Cyprus and I fell in love with these trendy Ronit Fürst glasses. I then nearly had a heart attack when I found out how much they were going to cost - €450 (about $600).

While I did buy the glasses, after negotiating hard to get a better price, almost as soon as I'd handed over my credit card, I suddenly thought...

...if I can buy cheap contact lenses online, I must be able to buy inexpensive eyeglasses online too, right?

And so started my mission to find some great quality, cool and trendy eyeglasses that wouldn't cost a fortune to bookmark the sites for later use and also to pass them onto you, so you can afford to buy a pair of inexpensive eyeglasses to wear when your contact lenses are making your eyes tired.

Cheap Inexpensive Eyeglasses

One of the best sites I found for cheap inexpensive eyeglasses is, would you believe it, my favourite contact lens online retailer AC

The AC Lens inexpensive eyeglasses start from just $29.95, and the best bit is, there is a huge range of frames to choose from in all the latest styles from rimless, semi-rimless and full frame. Plus they're offered in a HUGE range of colors.

They also sell cheap prescription sunglasses, if you have problems in the summer months with itchy eyes and need to take your contacts out, but still see where you are going!

And also plenty of eye-catching trendy Readers, for those of us getting oldeer and requiring some reading glasses when that small print is just a bit TOO small!

So if you're looking for cheap inexpensive eyeglasses, start by taking a look at AC Lens.

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