Best Value Daily Contacts 2021

What are the best value daily contacts in 2021? Soft contacts that are super comfortable AND great value for money of course.

HOT Tip: I've found them... ... my BEST ever comfortable contact lenses. I have worn Acuvue Moist daily disposables for years but I've now switched to Everclear Elite the in-house brand from Vision Direct (delivered by low-cost courier from the UK). Super comfortable and 20% cheaper than Acuvue Moist. Why pay more? Grab a free trial to see for yourself!

everclear elite daily contacts Everclear Elite
My Best Value Daily Contacts

Okay hands up! Have you been wearing the same brand of contact lenses for years? Have you ever tried a different brand?

I'm currently feeling pretty annoyed with myself for religiously sticking to the same contact lens brand Acuvue for over 30 years! When I moved to Cyprus 15 years ago and found that none of the opticians stocked Acuvue, I started buying contact lenses online so I could stick with the same brand.

I switched between products within the Acuvue range moving from monthly disposables to 2-weekly and then daily disposable contact lenses, but I never thought of trying a different brand.

Why have I switched from Avuvue Moist?

You know that saying "Better the devil you know?" Well, when my optician discovered a cataract in my left eye 18 months ago, he suggested I try a Toric contact lens to correct my astigmatism which was making my vision worse due to the cataract. Until then I had always worn a normal contact lens as my astigmatism was very mild.

While I didn't get on with the Biofinity Toric lens from Coopervision he recommended, mainly as I couldn't read anything close-up, I was surprised how comfortable they were, especially as they are a monthly disposable contact lens - far cheaper than buying daily disposables too even at Cyprus prices!

But then I switched to buying my usual Acuvue Moist daily disposables from Vision Direct in the UK - cheaper than my usual US supplier and with super fast 3-4 day delivery via DHL - NB there is NO post-Brexit customs duty to pay when delivered via DHL).

Vision Direct suggested I try their in-house brand Everclear as an alternative to Acuvue Moist and, as Covid-19 has decimated my travel business income, I took them up on their FREE trial. What did I have to lose?

All I can tell you is Wow! They are SO comfortable, made from high quality Silicon Hydrogel like Acuvue Moist and, with a slightly smaller base curve (8.8 versus 9.0) they even FITTED better than Acuvue Moist. The best bit? They are 20% cheaper, so it's a no brainer! I've now switched to Everclear Elite for my new best value daily contacts.

Update March 2021 - My Everclear Elite daily lenses are actually MORE comfortable than the old Acuvue Moist. Yesterday I wore the Moist lenses and my eyes felt scratchy and sore half way through the day. I switched to a pair of Everclear Elite today and wow what a difference. I can't even feel them!

Buy the Best Value Daily Contacts in 2021

You can try Everclear Elite daily disposable soft contacts for yourself as they offer a cheap 5-lens Trial pack. Just add them to your usual order when buying from Vision Direct.

OR just grab one of their FREE trial packs by following the Free trial links in this article.

Tip: Vision Direct. offer other lenses in the Everclear range, even cheaper daily disposables called ADM and Comfort, but they are made from Daily Hydrogel rather than the far more comfortable Silicon Hydrogel. If you are on a very tight budget, it maybe worth trialling these too however.

With super sensitive eyes that often itch when wearing contact lenses, I never thought a different contact lens brand would work for me, but I strongly recommend you sometimes get out of your comfort zone and try something new.

I know I have found my best value daily contacts for 2021. I hope you try Everclear Elite to see for yourself.

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