Stye in the Eye

What does a stye in the eye look like, what causes it and how can you treat it?

Many people with sensitive eyes are susceptible to getting styes, medically known as hordeolums. They are small bumps, usually filled with pus a bit like a facial spot, which make the eye sore and can appear either inside or outside the eyelid.

A stye in the eye is basically an eye infection, caused by blocked glands in the eyelid. Bacteria and dirt that often builds up in the stye increases discomfort and soreness and can cause the infection to spread making the stye bigger, redder and even causing swelling on the cheek.

Eye Stye Picture

eyestyepicture Eye Stye Picture

I recently got a stye for the frist time in my life and initially put it down to lots of dust and dirt in the air here in Cyprus.

In this picture, you can see the stye starting to form on my lower eyelid. I noticed it during the evening when I took my contact lenses out and realised that my eyelid was really sore.

I carefully washed the eyelid and put some calendula natural eye drops into the eye to ease the soreness. I then set out to find some quick remedies online!

On reflection, I think it may have been caused by using a different eyeliner I bought in a cheap store where everything costs €2. Needless to say, I have thrown the eyeliner away, as it was most probably well past its use-by date.

TIP: Always discard old make-up, especially eyeliner and mascara as it is easy for bacteria to build up on the products and transfer to your eyes. Most eye make-up needs to be thrown away after 18 months as a maximum. I confess, I never used to do this but I think I've learned my lesson!

Stye Treatment

The best way to treat a stye in the eye is to gently bathe it with a warm compress, like a cotton wool pad soaked in warm water, every 3-4 hours. This usually results in the liquid in the stye reducing on its own and the stye getting smaller far quicker than if you left it alone.

Avoid the temptation to "squeeze" the stye...

...yes like squeezing a zit...

as this can cause the infection to spread to other parts of the eye.

For stye treatment to ease soreness and any redness that develops around the eyelid, you can use some eye drops or buy some special ointment to help cure the eye infection.

If the stye doesn't go away within a 4-6 day period and the eye becomes really inflamed, then you need to see an eye doctor as the gland in the eye is most probably infected creating a blockage which may mean the lump won't go away, even after the inflammation has reduced.

Your eye doctor may then have to cut the lump to eliminate the pus inside.

NB: Avoid wearing contact lenses if you have a stye as it can cause the eye infection to spread to the cornea. Luckily, my instinct was to leave my lenses out anyway, as my eye was too sore to put them in!

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