Activewear Sunglasses

Find activewear sunglasses for contact lens wearers with light sensitive eyes.

Living here in Cyprus means it's usually bright and sunny and that means I almost always wear sunglasses when I go outside.

But there's also another reason. As I wear contact lenses, I need to keep dust out of my eyes as well as bright light and I wear sports or activewear sunglasses as I'm often out on my mountain bike keeping fit or riding with clients.

I've bought several pairs of expensive Oakley sunglasses over the years, mainly as I wanted the best possible UV protection and wrap-around sports styling. I have to admit, however, that all of my Oakley mirror lens shades now have pitted lenses through grit flicking up onto the sunglasses when mountain biking.

For that reason I now only buy cheap activewear sunglasses, but still insist on 100% UV protection from a brand I can trust. I got my latest unisex pair of sports cycling glasses with interchangeable lenses, DHB Triple Lens Sunglasses from the UK, a brand called DHB, which is exclusive to online cycling retailer Wiggle.

But I've also found some other cool sunglasses for everyday use or for sports. And the best bit is I can order them online from my favourite online contact lens retailer AC Lens.

They stock over 60 different brands all at great prices including Rayban, Oakley, Bolle, Serengeti, Gucci, Dior, Burberry & more!

Cool Activewear Sunglasses for Contact Lens Wearers

Here's my shortlist of cool activewear sunglasses, perfect for wearing with contact lenses that also look pretty hot on the bike, in the boat, hiking up a mountain or just chilling!

Anarchy ari polarised sunglasses Anarchy Ari Sunglasses - $34.95

Anarchy offers these classic yet super sporty Ari polarized shades mix rebel style with a timeless cool look.

I love the Anarchy logo on the temple and the fact that these sunglasses offer 100% UV protection at a great price AND they come in both prescription and non-prescription to wear with your contact lenses.

Hepburn chic Sunglasses Prix Rivaux Hepburn Sunglasses - just $29.95

I LOVE these stylish Hepburn Sunglasses from Prive Rivaux. These cat-eye sunglasses are old-school Hollywood style that will complement your silver screen good looks!

They come in 3 different colourways and are 100% UVA/UVB protection, plus come in prescription form as well as non prescription. My favourites for going out in the day time while wearing my contact lenses.

Prive Rivaux lovely dovey glasses Prive Rivaux Lovey Dovey Sunglasses - only $29.95

Prive Rivaux offers these chic Lovey Dovey sunglasses in 2 shades, tortoiseshell and plain black.

They are sassy and chic over sized frames with a dramatic browline to create an elegant frame, come with both prescription and non prescription options and their polarisation blockls blue light.

Tip: If you don't want sports sunglasses styling, take a look at the entire range of activewear sunglasses from AC Lens here and get brands like Bolle, Gucci and D&G all at fantastic prices with up to 60% discount.

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