Dark Brown Colored Contact Lenses

The best dark brown contact lenses completely change your eye color and look totally natural. Find the best brands here.

Colored contacts are hot fashion items, worn by celebrities and ordinary people alike, thanks to the availability of affordable cosmetic contact lenses like Dailies Colors, disposable soft lenses that cost $32.99 for a box of 30 lenses.

But how do you know whether the color on the chart will look natural on top of your existing eye color? Will it totally change the original color or will it barely make a difference?

And how many brands actually offer brown as a color option?

Dark Brown Contact Lenses

When looking for cosmetic dark brown contacts, you may wonder why there seem to be a lot of blue-green options. The reason is because some lenses only ENHANCE your eye color by making it brighter and bolder and these color enhancing lenses should only be worn by people with pale blue or green eyes. If you have dark eyes, the colored lenses won't make much difference.

If you want dark brown colored contact lenses, you need to choose an OPAQUE contact lens that completely changes the natural eye color. These opaque lenses can be worn by people with either dark or light eyes and the effect depends on the wearer's original natural eye color.

While I don't want to put dark brown colored contact lenses into my blue eyes, I've been looking at the various colors available at all the major optical brands and at customer reviews to make some suggestions for brown contacts:

cheap Freshlook Contact lenses Freshlook Colorblends - $75.99 per box of 6 lenses

Freshlook Colorblends come in 12 different shades including hazel, honey and brown for those wanting to create a dark brown eye look. Colorblends are a monthly disposable lens. They are wider in diameter at 14.5 than some lenses, so they do not suit everyone, but they are nonetheless very popular due to the wide range of colors available.

Depending on your original eye shade, the Hazel color should look dark brown when worn.

It's a good idea to read reviews about products before you buy and these lenses have several excellent customer reviews saying how comfortable these particular contacts are.

Dailies Colors Dailies Colors - $32.99/box of 30 lenses

Dailies Colors are currently the only daily disposable colored contact lenses available. They are the best option for first time color contact lens wearers and also great for those used to wearing daily disposable lenses rather than monthlies. They cost $32.99 for a box of 30 lenses.

Dailies Colors offer color enhancement suitable for either light or dark eyes. The Mystic Hazel colour is the best option for dark brown colored contacts.

air optix colors Air Optix Colors
6-pack $89.99, also available as 2-pack @ $34.99

Air Optix Colors are suitable for people with either light or dark colored eyes and are available in 12 different shades

They are a monthly disposable colored contact lens and are very comfortable as the unique 3 in 1 color technology provides excellent breathability through an advanced combination of oxygen and moisture for a healthy, natural feeling.

The Brown and Honey options are the best fit for those wanting that dark brown eye look.

NB: Several reviews on all the above lenses talk about some level of discomfort compared to everyday clear lenses. This is because colored contacts are thicker than ordinary clear lenses so may not allow your eyes to breathe as much. But it seems that wearers are prepared to put up with some mild discomfort and use eye drops through the day if their eyes become scratchy.

Order Contact Lenses Online

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