Soft Contact lens Solution

Which soft contact lens solution should you use for your particular lens type? Find where to get discount lens solutions.

If you wear soft contacts, like the vast majority of contact lens wearers, then you need to use a lens solution compatible with soft lenses; unless of course you use daily disposables, which don't require any lens solution at all.

NB: It's always a good idea to have a bottle of contact lens solution handy in your bag, as dust and grit can get in your eyes. So even if you don't need to clean daily disposables at night as you just throw them away, you may need to pop your contacts out and lubricate then during the day to relieve any soreness.

No Rub Contact Lens Solution

renu lens solution Renu Fresh soft contact lens solution $9.99

For ease, speed and convenience, the most popular form of lens cleaner is a no rub contact lens solution, like the one I use from Bausch and Lomb called Renu.

All you need to do to keep lenses fresh and clean is pop them in a vial filled with fresh solution every night to let the liquid do its magic and remove any nasty deposits, rinse and disinfect the lenses and, crucially, lubricate them before putting them back in the following morning.

Because my tears produce lots of natural protein deposits, I sometimes rub my lenses gently for a few seconds before putting them in the case each night.

But even with this added step, this type of multipurpose solution is super easy to use and it costs less than $10 for a 3 month supply.

Multipurpose Lens Solution

The beauty about a multipurpose lens solution is that you can clean and disinfect your soft lenses without having to use additional cleaning products.

Enzymatic cleaners, for instance, are usually not required and they are a pain to use anyway as you have to soak lenses in a separate solution and then wait several hours, usually 4 as a minimum, after having put the lenses back in your normal multipurpose solution, to neutralize the effects of the enzyme cleaner; if not you will cause damage to your eyes, not to mention the pain!

NB: Always consult your eye doctor if you plan to switch from your usual brand of soft contact lens solution or ask for a small trial bottle sample, so you can check that the new solution suits your eyes.

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