Cleaning Contact Lenses

Tips on cleaning contact lenses and how often to change your contact lens solution for comfortable lenses every day.

I wear daily disposable soft contacts from Acuvue. My Acuvue Moist Daily Disposables have a high moisture content for maximum comfort and, being a daily lens, I don't usually need to use a multipurpose cleaning and lubricating solution.

But the hot dry climate here in Cyprus does mean that sometimes, I need to use a lubricating solution to add an extra layer of moisture when putting the lenses in. My current favourite is Biotrue Multipurpose solution which comes in a value for money twin pack for $21.95.

Biotrue is also available in a fantastic 4oz travel size bottle - perfect for weekend trips away!

I always wash my hands carefully before inserting or removing my lenses and follow a proper cleaning regime using fresh solution, as you can read on my how to clean contact lenses page.

But I learned something new the other day, after 25 years of wearing contacts!

Changing your solution because it's got a bit past it's sell-by date makes your lenses more comfortable!

Now I will admit that I don't make a note when I open a new bottle of lens solution. The large 355ml bottle I use tends to last about 2.5 months, so should be well within the 90 day advised expriy period right?

Well, the other day, I popped a brand new pair of lenses in as the ones I'd been wearing for 10 days had started to feel a little scratchy. To my surprise, the new lenses also felt like they were at least a week old.

So I opened a new bottle of lens solution and lo and behold, the lenses felt like new again.

Lesson? My contact lens solution was obviously past the 90 day expiry period so had started to irritate my eyes.

Discount Contact Lens Solution

Now I'm sure most regular lens wearers reading this will just tell you to open a new bottle of lens solution when the old one runs out - it's more economical that way right?

Well, not if your precious eyes are irritated and, given that so many online retailers offer discount contact lens solution these days, there's no reason not to have a couple of spare bottles of solution in your bathroom cabinet for cleaning contact lenses.

When to Replace Contact Lens Solution

The best tip is to make a note on your phone calendar each time you open a new bottle of lens solution, then put a reminder 90 days later (or however long the expiry date is on your particular brand of lens cleaner) so you know when to replace your contact lens solution.

Don't be tempted to hang onto the bottle if it's still half full but way past the expiry date! Cleaning contact lenses demands fresh solution.

If you tend to switch between daily disposables and 1 week disposables, you may well find you don't get through a large bottle of solution in 3 months; another reason to make a note of when it was was opened.

Tip: If you find you start throwing away large quantities of solution left in a large bottle, buy smaller bottles! It will work out cheaper.

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