Best Contact Lens Solution

Find the best contact lens solution for your lens type and cleaning regime.

There are many different brands of contact lens cleaners on the market but most people tend to use the brand and cleaning regime recommended by their optician, when they first have their eyes tested and fitted for wearing contacts.

The easiest type of lens solution to use is a multi-purpose product, such as Bausch and Lomb's Renu, which can clean, rinse and disinfect your lenses; most also contain a lubricating agent to wet and hydrate contacts, keeping them comfortable all day long.

If your eyes get tired and itchy or you get dust in your eye, the multi-purpose solution can also be used as an eye drop to re-lubricate your lenses and provide comfort and relief from dry eyes.

Contact Lens Cleaners

renu lens solution Renu Multi-Purpose Contact lens solution large bottle - $9.99

While multi-purpose one-solution-does-it-all products are very popular, as they are easy to use, some people are allergic to the preservatives contained in these solutions, or they have tears that produce excessive amounts of protein deposits that need a heavy duty lens cleaner.

So popping lenses into a case filled with multi-purpose solution, leaving them to soak overnight, then re-inserting the lenses without any need for additional claning or rubbing, doesn't work for everyone.

Most multi-purpose solutions also only work well with soft contact lenses; if you wear rigid gas permeable lenses, intended to last for at least a year, then you have to adopt a different cleaning care regime.

NB: I normally just remove my soft disposable contacts and just let them soak in Renu, a super easy to use product overnight, but I also usually give my lenses a gentle rub between palm and forefinger in the morning, just to be sure there are no deposits or bacteria left on the lenses overnight; something many opticians now recommend, even if the contact lens solution you use, does not require it.

Two Step Contact Lens Cleaning

If you are sensitive to the preservatives used in one step multi-purpose contact solutions, then your eye doctor may advise using a different cleaning method with products containing hydrogen peroxide. This involves a two step contact lens cleaning system, where lenses need to be cleaned and rinsed with one product, then disinfected with the product containing hydrogen peroxide.

NB: Hydrogen peroxide based (HBP) products must not come into contact directly with the eye as they are toxic to the cornea; they are a great preservative-free disinfecting agent, but you have to "neutralize" the solutions after using them and allow plenty of time between the two steps to be sure that lenses are not contaminated with the HBP product. Basically, it's a chore!

While HBP systems are a good idea and the best contact lens solution for many people, there is a risk that users will forget the neutralizing stage and harm their eyes, but if you wear gas permeable lenses, there are now also one step multi-purpose solutions like Bausch and Lomb's Boston Simplus multi action solution, made specially for busy gas permeable contact lens wearers.

If you wear rigid RGP lenses and you don't produce excessive amounts of tears, then Boston Simplus could be the best contact lens solution for you.

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