Contact Lens Solution Discount

Find the best places online to get contact lens solution discount and how to compare prices across the various brands.

Looking for cheap lens solution? Buying online is often the best way to get good discounts, although you need to check shipping rates by weight carefully as lens cleaner is heavy, especially for large size 12 fl oz/355ml bottles.

  • When comparing prices, check the following:

  • The size of each bottle to compare cost per fl oz/ml; generally, larger bottles will be more economical.

  • What size bottle do you actually need? If you only wear contacts occasionally, for example, a large bottle may still be half full when it reaches the expiry date; a waste of money as you must discard unused solution after the specified date.

  • Does the solution come with a lens case? You should change your lens case every time you open a new bottle of solution, so you don't want to have to add on the cost of a new lens case.

  • NB: Many online companies throw in a free lens case even if the solution you choose doesn't include one, so read the small print carefully.
  • Is there a contact lens solution discount dependent on the amount you are spending overall or if you are a first time customer? Online companies like Discount Contact Lenses offer a 20% discount off your first purchase, for example.

  • Is your contact lens solution a multipurpose product or one that has to be combined with another weekly-use product to clean your lenses properly? The latter will usually cost more.

Contact Lens Care

Most lens wearers use the contact lens care solution recommended by their eye doctor, so the average user is just searching for the best price online to then compare to the price at their local optician.

I have to say that my Biotrue multipurpose contact lens solution is actually cheaper to buy at my local chemist versus online prices, mainly due to the high cost of shipping heavy bottles to Cyprus; plus some online retailers won't send solution outside of their own country as the costs are too prohibitive.

So if you are looking for contact lens solution discount, check with the links to the various retailers offered on my site and also check prices at your local chemist or drug store as they are often cheaper than buying from your eye doctor.

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