Soft Eye Contacts

Why soft eye contacts prevent dry eyes and offer all day long comfort when using contact lenses.

Since the first mass production soft contact lenses came onto the market in 1971, millions of people have turned to wearing soft lenses for comfort versus rigid hard or gas permeable contacts.

It is estimated that 90% of all Americans now wear soft lenses for vision correction, despite the fact that some soft contacts have a time-consuming weekly cleaning and disinfecting routine.

I switched to wearing disposable soft eye contacts 12 years ago and here's why.

Comfortable Contacts

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I originally chose to wear rigid gas permeable contacts 25 years ago as I was a little apprehensive of inserting and removing soft lenses. As soft contacts are pliable, they can turn inside out quite easily and if dropped, they can be difficult to pick up again without tearing them.

To get them out, you have to pinch out the lenses and that means touching the eyeball. Ugh!

But soft eye contacts do have many advantages:

  • They are far easier to get used to as, unlike rigid gas permeable (RGP) contacts, you don't have to build up the wear-time over a period of weeks.

  • If working in an air conditioned office, they are SO much more comfortable. I used to take my RGP lenses out 4-5 times a day to relubricate them when my eyes became dry.

  • They are available in a variety of different colors for those who like to make a fashion statement.

  • There are many different options of soft contact lenses available from daily, 2-weekly and monthly disposables to extended wear, bifocal options and also soft contacts that can be worn by sufferers of astigmatism - previously people with astigmatism could not easily wear contact lenses.

I was so fed up of sore dry eyes with my RGP lenses, I enquired about soft disposable contacts and was pleased to find out that monthly disposable lenses do not need any weekly disinfection. From there it was just a case of getting used to inserting the lens the right way and taking them out by softly pinching the lens off the eye - easy!

If you are having trouble taking out soft eye contacts, you can get a special contact lens remover from your optician - it's a little suction device that "sucks" the lens off your eyeball.

Corrective Soft Contact Lenses

As well as those who need corrective soft contact lenses, there is now a growing market for soft contacts with zero power so that people with perfect vision can change the color of their eyes by wearing so-called plano contact lenses.

Some colored contact lenses just enhance eye color, others completely change it as they are opaque. And then there is the growing trend for scary, wacky, crazy colored contacts for Halloween and fancy dress parties.

Just be sure to only buy cosmetic Halloween contacts from reputable retailers as some cheap contacts can cause eye problems.

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