Daily Wear Contact Lenses

Why daily wear contact lenses are the perfect solution for itchy sore eyes in hot, humid or dry conditions.

It's high summer here in Cyprus when the heat rises to the mid 30s degree C and conditions are either dry and dusty or very humid. For several years now, I've found my eyes get really sore and itchy either beacuse I'm sweating buckets from cycling or just doing plain old household chores!

I've already mentionied on other pages that I like to use a daily disposable contact lens when I do summer watersports like water skiing. But this year I decided to invest in wearing daily wear contact lenses for the entire summer - mid June through to mid September.

Sore Eyes and Contact Lenses

Well after the first few weeks of summer, I am pleased to say that sore eyes and contact lenses is no longer a problem for me!

acuvuemoist90pack 1 Day Acuvue Moist 90 pack $56.99 per box of 90 - Fantastic Value!

While daily disposable soft contacts are more expensive than 2 weekly disposables, I did some maths and, because I was often throwing away my 2 weekly lenses after less than a week when my eyes were really sore, I figured that investing in daily contacts wasn't going to cost me any more money.

I also discovered that Acuvue now do an economical 90 day pack of 1-Day Acuvue Moist lenses, saving me money versus buying my normal packs of 30 Acuvue Moist lenses.

The daily lenses are thinner than 2 weekly ones so you have to take more care when removing them from their containers, but my eyes really do feel so much better having a fresh pair in every day.

NB: Earlier this week, I decided to pop in a pair of my usual 2 weekly contacts just to compare the comfort level. While I've now managed to get hold of the fabulously comfortable Oasys 2-week lenses from Acuvue, I found that these too were making my eyes itch after 6-7 hours of wear in the Cyprus sun.

Daily Wear Contact Lenses - Buy Online

Last time round, I ordered two packs of 90 Acuvue Moist daily disposable contact lenses which will keep me going for the entire summer.

As usual I shopped around for the best price, but still came back to my preferred supplier, AC Lens for my daily wear contact lenses.

But then I discovered an EVEN CHEAPER supplier, this time based in the UK, called Vision Direct. My favourite 1-Day Acuvue Moist daily wear contact lenses cost just £47.95 for a pack of 90 lenses. They are delivered super fast via courier for less than £5 and, unlike ordering from the USA where deliveries take up to a month, I also don't pay any customs duty.

Take a tip from me:

If you suffer from sore eyes when you do exercise and sweat a lot or when you're on holiday in dry, dusty and/or humid weather, consider switching to daily disposables. It could save you money if you end up binning your usual lenses before they have been used for two weeks and, more to the point, your eyes will feel SO much better in your all day comfortable contacts.

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