Contact Lens Removers

Where to find contact lens removers if you have problems taking out your contact lenses.

When I first tried contact lenses 30 years ago, I remember sitting in the optician's for hours while I practised putting them in and trying to take them out. I say "trying" as that's exactly what it was, as my rigid gas permeable lenses were, as far as I was concerned, IMPOSSIBLE to remove!

After the first 15 minutes, my optican tried to take them out for me, but I wouldn't let him anywhere near my eyeball LOL, so he used a little suction device to lift the rigid lens off my eye.

I then persevered until I sort of had the flicking action required to remove RGP lenses mastered.

How to Remove Contact Lenses with Contact Lens Removers

howtoremovecontactlenses Taking out a Soft Contact Lens

While practice makes perfect and some people seem to get used to inserting and removing lenses quite quickly, for others, learning how to remove contact lenses can become so stressful, they actually give up wearing contacts altogther!

So why not get a little help as there are several contact lens removers on the market - and it's REMOVAL that most people find the biggest problem, especially if you wear RGP lenses which cannot be "pinched" off the eyeball, like soft eye contacts.

Here's a selection of the best contact lens removers I've found. I have not used these myself as I've had years of experience inserting and removing contact lenses, but they all have good customer reviews.

Tip: These little gadgets are great for INSERTING aswell as REMOVING contact lenses.

Contact Lens Removers AND Inserters

contact lens removers Amcon Classic Vented RGP Inserter/Remover - Just $4.95

Amcon Classic Vented RGP Inserter/Remover

Great for both INSERTION and REMOVAL, this gadget helps you reduce the damage caused by scratching the lens surface when trying to use traditional methods ie, your fingers!

Amcon Classic Vented RGP Inserter/Remover

contact lens removers Amcon DMV Ultra RGP Inserter/Remover - Just $4.95

Amcon DMV Ultra RGP Inserter/Remover

Great for both INSERTION and REMOVAL, the small suction cup on the DMV® Ultra™ Inserter/Remover allows you to effortlessly remove and insert gas permeable and hard lenses.

Amcon DMV Ultra RGP Inserter/Remover

Tip: If you are a first time SOFT contact lens wearer having difficulty either inserting or removing lenses, OR you constantly tear thin disposable lenses every time you have to take them out again because you've inserted them incorrectly, then you can try a soft contact lens remover/insertion tool. Also great if you have ultra long finger nails and pops easily into your make-up bag :)

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