Pink Eye Pictures

Scary pink eye pictures resulting from an eye infection.

Thankfully, while I've experienced the occasional soreness from getting dust under my lenses and my eyes have sometimes looked bloodshot when tired, I've never had a serious case of pink eye, so I can't share any personal pictures.

But I have searched around online for some images to illustrate what this type of eye infection looks like.

Eye infections are most commonly caused by bacteria build-up in the eye. This can happen when grit gets into the eye, when the eye is rubbed repeatedly by a dirty hand or through contact with someone else who has pink eye symptoms.

Use of extended wear contact lenses can also be a culprit as the pink eye pictures below show.

Pink eye is a common symptom of conjunctivitis and should be treated swiftly to avoid potentially serious complications.

Pictures of Pink Eye

Classic symptoms of pink eye include itchiness, excessive tearing, burning, bloodshot eyes and extreme sensitivity to light. It commonly happens in one eye only (if in both eyes, it's more likely to be an allergy to something) so if your eye starts to show the above symptoms and looks like one of these pictures, then seek advice from an eye doctor.

pink eye Pink Eye

red eye infection Red Eye
by Whatsername

pink eye infection Pink Eyes
by Stan Sorochan

conjunctivitis picture Conjunctivitis
by Son of Groucho

Cure for Pink Eye Pictures

So what is the best cure for pink eye?

First you need to find out whether your red eye symptoms are caused by a bacterial or a viral infection. If it's bacterial, then eye drops or special eye ointment should make the conjunctivitis go away.

If the problem is caused by a virus however, eye drops don't normally work and while some opticians may prescribe antibiotics, most viral forms of pink eye clear up on their own.

Pain and itchiness of the eye can be relieved however by placing a hot towel over the eyes and resting.

Tip: It's far better to PREVENT pink eye from occurring in the first place. Avoid taking your own pink eye pictures by doing the following...

Avoid getting conjunctivitis, either bacterial or viral...

  • Don't share towels with other people.

  • Don't share cosmetics such as eyeliner or mascara.

  • Always wash your hands before putting in or taking out contact lenses.

  • Wear goggles to protect eyes when swimming.

  • Change your contact lens solution daily.

Tip: If you do develop pink eye, make sure you throw away your disposable or extended wear lenses, even if they have time left to run, and discard any remaining lens solution and also the lens case just in case they contain any bacteria.

Hopefully, you won't have to take any pink eye pictures like the ones above.

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