Cure for Pink Eye

Find a cure for pink eye caused by wearing sleep-in contact lenses.

Pink eye is the common name for conjunctivitis as it is the most obvious visual sign of this particular eye infection. It's an inflammation of the conjunctiva, the thin membrane that covers the white of the eye and lines the eyelid.

When this membrane is infected with bacteria, it causes the tiny capillaries to expand, resulting in a bloodshot eye or pink eye syndrome. Apart from looking horrible it can be very painful as your eye itches, burns or stings and you may be forced to stay indoors as an itchy eye can be susceptible to bright light.

Tip: I've never had pink eye but I HAVE had itchy eyes especially in hot humid conditions when bacteria breeds everywhere - I ALWAYS take my lenses out when they feel uncomfortable and I'm convinced this is a good way to avoid red eyes. Prevention is my cure for pink eye anyway!

People who wear extended wear sleep-in contact lenses run a greater risk of contracting pink eye, although some people would argue that not having to remove lenses every day is more hygienic than cleaning them badly.

Symptoms of Pink Eye

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The most obvious symptoms of pink eye are redness and itchiness but other common signs include:

  • A gritty feeling in the eye, a bit like when you have dirt underneath a contact lens.

  • Excessive weeping of the eye caused by the eye reacting to the inflammation by producing more tears.

  • And mucus that builds up in the corner of the eye, forming a crust overnight that makes the eye difficult to open in the morning.

Conjunctivitis Cure for Pink Eye Treatment

The best conjuntivitis treatment and cure for pink eye caused by a bacterial infection is use of antibiotic eye drops and/or ointment. Relief from stinging pain can also be achieved by using a warm compress over the eyelid and resting away from bright light.

Of course it's better to avoid getting pink eye in the first place so if you like sleeping in contact lenses, make sure you do the following:
  • ONLY wear your extended wear lenses for the specified time, for example 7 days lenses should be worn continuously for 6 days and nights and then discarded. Do this even if the lenses still feel comfortable.

  • ALWAYS wear swimming goggles when swimming with sleep-in contact lenses, as well as any other lenses for that matter! Bacteria in the water can get behind the lens and cause infection without you realizing it.

  • DON'T share items that touch or get close to your eyes - things like pillows, towels, cosmetics (mascara for example).

If you do contract conjunctivitis, be sure to stop wearing your contact lenses until it clears up and throw away your lens case and any contact lens solution which may be contaminated.

Now you know the cure for pink eye and how to avoid it, read our related pages for more information on the benefits and risks of extended wear contacts.

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