Multifocal Colored Contacts

Why is it hard to find multifocal colored contacts?

Have you searched for hours online only to find that none of the major contact lens brands offer colored contact lenses for those of us with a bifocal or multifocal prescription?

Well the bad news is that none of the big brands make colored multifocal contacts. Read on to find out why and where you can buy a custom-made contact lens if you still want to buy colored multifocal contact lenses.

Why it's Hard to Find Multifocal Colored Contacts

Ten years ago, colored contact lenses were ALL the rage, fuelled by celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Paris Hilton changing their eye color as often as their wardrobe.

And these lenses were being worn for COSMETIC reasons, NOT because they were required for vision correction.

Today, many people still wear contact lenses to change their eye color whether it is a PLANO lens with zero power or one to match their normal prescription for vision correction. But colored lenses are nowhere near as popular as they used to be. Why?

  1. Bad press surrounding young people trying colored contact lenses for Halloween and fancy dress parties and ending up with serious eye infections. While the major brands like Acuvue only offered fully tested colored lenses to change basic eye color, not for special effects, the association with ANY colored contact lens being potentially harmful prompted Acuvue to drop their popular Acuvue Colors range entirely. While they briefly offered a replacement called Define, that too is now discontinued.

  2. Fashions change and young people in particular have moved onto using make-up to make their eyes "pop" rather than reverting to colored contact lenses.

What that Means for Colored Multifocal Contact Lenses

As multifocal contact lens prescriptions can be complex, the big brands can't justify making multifocal colored contacts as demand just isn't big enough in any one partcular prescription.

That means your only choice left is to either go the CUSTOM route like this popular made-to-order contact lens called Boston ES:

buy multifocal colored contacts Boston ES custom RGP colored lens $35.99 per lens

The Boston ES RGP colored lens is a custom made lens available in 6 different colours inclusing ice blue, green and brown, that can be custom manufactured in a variety of forms including toric for people with astigmatism.

Crafted from a patented oxygen-permeable material that allows your eyes to breathe, the low-maintenance contact lenses are durable, retain their shape when you blink and provide sharper vision than other types of lenses.

OR as a possible alternative option...

...Just buy a "single vision" prescription colored contact lens like Freshlook Colorblends for entertainment or special occasions.

What do I mean by a "single vision" lens? Basically a colored contact lens that only corrects either short or long vision. It does mean that your vision won't be so good if you are used to wearing a multifocal contact lens, but does that matter so much if you are just going to a party or you want a different eye color for photographs?

So don't be too disappointed if there are no affordable big brand multifocal colored contacts on the market. Try comfortable Freshlook single vision colored contacts instead or opt for the more expensive custom route.

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