Opaque Color Contacts

What's the difference between opaque color contacts and color enhancing lenses? How do you know which type of colored lens to choose if you want a natural eye color?

Opaque refers to an object that is not transparent; in other words, you can't see through it. And that is just perfect if you fancy a radical change of eye color, from say dark brown to sapphire blue or emerald green.

In the world of colored contact lenses, most companies make two different types of colored contacts, opaque ones and color enhancing ones. The difference is that opaque lenses completely change your eye shade, whereas those that enhance eye tone, just make your own natural eye color more vibrant.

Colored Contact Lenses

greenopaquecontacts Green Opaque lenses from
Acuvue 2 Colours

The opaque color contacts illustrated in the picture opposite are worn by a model with dark brown eyes. She is wearing jade green lenses from the Acuvue 2 Colours range.

Like my everyday disposable contacts, these colored lenses are 2 week disposable lenses that are very comfortable to wear and, with 7 different colors available, you can experiment with different shades to see what suits you best.

If your natural eye color is dark, maybe green or brown, then you can still try blue colored lenses as these opaque contacts won't let your natural eye tone show through. Likewise, blue-eyed people can experiment with a change to brown or green eyes.

Tip: You can see what the various opaque colours will look on your eye tone by uploading a photo and testing each colored lens on your own eyes.

Change Eye Color

If you want to completely change eye color, I suggest you take a look at the various opaque colored contacts available from the major brands Acuvue and Freshlook. My page on color contacts for dark eyes has full details of the main brands, the colors available and what discounts are available.

There is also information on colored lenses for patients with astigmatism.

Tip: Opaque colored contacts are available in no prescription form too. In other words, if you don't need to wear lenses to see properly but just want a fashion eye color change, you can order colored lenses with zero power - just be sure to order 0.0 as the "power" when placing your order.

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