Contact Lenses and Dry Eyes

Do you suffer from contact lenses and dry eyes syndrome?

Over the years, I've had plenty of experience with dry itchy eyes.

First it was due to wearing hard gas permeable lenses in an air-conditioned office. Then I moved to Cyprus and experienced sore eyes during the hot dry summers.

If you've suffered the same thing then you know exactly how irritating it is to feel like there's a foreign body (ok the lens!) scratching your eyeball.

I remember taking my lenses out so many times on some days just to add additional lens solution to ease the itchiness. But once those eyes had dried out, the only relief was often to simply take the contacts out and put on a pair of glasses instead.

That's ok of course in an office environment but not for anyone doing an active job or those playing sports either professionally or just for leisure.

Comfortable Contacts

When I first started wearing lenses over 25 years ago, I had gas permeable lenses - a small rigid lens that just fits over the iris. They take a bit of getting used to, building up gradually for an hour longer each day.

So whenever my eyes were dry, I just assumed my eyes were tired and took the lenses out. It was the Air Con in a later office job that convinced me to try soft lenses instead and boy what a difference.

acuvuehydraclearlenses Comfortable Contacts
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I had always avoided soft lenses before as they were a real pain to keep clean but with technological advances, soft lenses had become disposable so I started with monthly disposables and later switched to 2-weekly disposable comfortable contacts.

These are the lenses I currently use for everyday stuff and I also have some daily disposables from Acuvue for doing active things like trekking/camping - when there's no time or clean water to clean hands properly before taking them in and out!

Acuvue Advance Hydraclear lenses from Acuvue are moisture-rich...

...that's the hydra bit... they are great for people who suffer from dry itchy eyes. They're also tinted so are easy to spot if I drop one in the sink when taking them out at night!

Eye Drops for Dry Eyes

If hydra-rich lenses like the ones I wear are not enough, an additional dry eyes solution is to use eye drops. But for contact lenses and dry eyes sufferers, it's important that you check the label before putting any eye drops into the eye in case the liquid is not compatible with your own contact lens solution.

My local pharmacist recommended Renu Sensitive Eyes Rewetting Drops by Bausch and Lomb, eye drops for the relief of dry eye problems that can be put in while still wearing your contact lenses.

The drops contain a unique lubricant that creates a liquid "cushion" all day long; they provide immediate relief for anyone stuck in an air conditioned office all day or those working outside in a hot dusty environment.

If you have ultra sensitive eyes, it's best to check with your optician before using eye drops for dry eye relief. If you don't have time for a visit and you experience discomfort, take the drops with you next time you go for an eye test/check.

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