Best Contacts for Dry Eyes

Find the best contacts for dry eyes and wear comfortable contact lenses all day long.

If you suffer from dry eyes when wearing your contact lenses, then you probably aren't producing enough natural tears to lubricate your eyes. It may also be down to the natural environment, for instance hot dry weather, but either way, to get relief you either have to take your lenses out and relubricate them with contact lens solution or apply rewetting eye drops, specially made for contacts, to apply while your lenses are still in.

One thing that many sufferers don't consider, however, is actually changing their lenses.

Tip: Several of my friends have complained about uncomfortable contact lenses; once I realised that they hadn't changed their brand of contact lenses for over 10 years, I knew it was just a matter of trying some different best contacts for dry eyes.

Contact Lenses and Dry Eye

The best contacts for dry eyes will be lenses that have a high moisture content. Advances in optical technology over the past few years mean that the plastics used to make lenses have improved dramatically.

Contact lenses need to let your eyes breathe as much as possible as oxygen keeps them healthy and also prevents them from drying out. I switched from rigid gas permeable contacts to soft contact lenses many years ago, mainly as my eyes were drying out while working in an air-conditioned office.

acuvuehydraclearlenses Comfortable Contacts
Just $17.95 per box of 6 (8 box order)

Back then I wore basic Acuvue lenses but in the last few years, as I grew older and my eyes became more senstive to light and the dry heat here in Cyprus, I switched to a lens with extra moisture - here it is: Acuvue Advance Hydraclear

I'm not saying that these are the absolute best contacts for dry eyes, but they work for me and even when I do a lot of computer work, like building this page, they don't cause me discomfort or make my eyes dry and itchy.

Well that's MOST of the time. Occasionally, I do have to revert to eyeglasses or even use eye drops.

What I really want to try, however, is Acuvue's latest contact lens called Acuvue Oasys - a weekly disposable contact lens with hydraclear PLUS technology which applies a moisture-rich wetting agent to the eyeball for comfortable lenses even in the most challenging environments eg. long hours in front of the PC!

Acuvue claims that with Oasys lenses, "DRY is out!" They could therefore be the best contacts for dry eyes if you looking for the ultimate soft lens to relieve dry eye.

If you live in the US, you can try Acuvue Oasys contact lenses here.

Sadly I live in Cyprus and they're not available here yet but my current lenses are comfortable enough anyway.

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