Relief for Dry Eyes

Find relief for dry eyes using eye drops specially formulated for contact lens wearers.

Are you one of the many contact lens wearers who suffers from dry itchy eyes?

My eyes normally produce plenty of tears, the natural lubrication for your eyes, but at certain times of year or when I'm tired from too much work sittng at the PC, my eyes feel dry and scratchy.

That's when I usually take my comfortable contact lenses out, pop on some trendy eyeglasses and give my eyes a rest. But when you're outside or doing sports, putting glasses on isn't always an option. And that's where you need to consider eye drops for relief for dry eyes.

Eye Drops for Relief for Dry Eyes

There are hundreds of different eye drop treatments on the market from everything from allergies to pink eye, solutions to clear grit from the eye and also for dry eye syndrome.

The best eye drops for dry eyes for CONTACT LENS wearers, are, in my view, ones that you can put in while you're actually wearing your lenses. After all, it's during the day that your lenses may feel itchy due to things like hot weather or air conditioning, and most people don't want the inconvenience of having to remove their contacts just to put in some eye drops.

While I have my own personal favourite, Renu Sensitive Eyes which suit me fine when my eyes need a little extra lubrication (you can put them in while wearing your contacts), I've done some research on other brands of eye drops, specially formulated for use with contact lenses.

Best Eye Drops for use with Contact Lenses

renu sensitive rewegtting drops Renu Sensitive Eyes Rewetting Drops - $9.95

Renu Sensitive Eyes Rewetting Drops are made from a gentle sterile solution for rewetting your contact lenses during wear, so no need to take your contacts out first!

Some people are allergic to certain ingredients found in eye drops, one of which is thimerosal. These drops are thimerosal-free and so have an almost reaction-free formula to soothe eyes and rewet lenses to minimize dryness during wear.

They are also recommended for people who use extended wear contact lenses, and although I would personally not use that type of lens, I can see the need for eye drops when for instance you are on a long trek with no access to clean water to wash hands before inserting or removing contacts.

systane contacts eye drops Systane Contacts

Systane Contacts are the only eye drops in the Systane range of dry eye relief solutions that can be inserted while wearing your contact lenses.

Made by Alcon, they work in a unique way as the liquid drops form a thin layer of gel on the eye once inserted. They are suitable for both soft and rigid gas permeable lenses and also for extended wear soft lenses. Users with the most chronic dry eye problems swear by Systane, so if you have dry eye issues throughout the year and not just under extreme conditions, then try Systane Contacts. They can also be used WHILE still wearing your contact lenses for quick relief for dry eyes.

refresh contacts eye drops Allergan Refresh Contacts - $9.95

Allergan Refresh Contacts - $9.95 are comfort eye drops that come in a 12ml bottle offering dry eye relief for soft and rigid gas permeable contact lens wearers.

One of the best value for money eye drops for use with contact lenses, according to reviewers, Refresh Contacts create a liquid cushion to stop itchiness and sore eyes through contact lens use.

similasan dry eye relief Similisan - $11.95

Similisan - $11.95 are soothing for contact lens wearers and never sting.

These drops for relief for dry eyes have a natural formula to soothe dry, itchy and red eyes without lubricants or vasoconstrictors. The unique preservative in the drops stops any allergic reactions or discoloration of contact lenses so can be applied while still wearing lenses. Avaiilable in a 9.9ml bottle.

Tip: If you still can't get any relief for dry eyes after using eye drops, you may just need to try different, more comfortable contact lenses. I have many friends who say their eyes are always dry when they haven't changed their brand of lenses in over 10 years! Lens technology is constantly evolving so try something new!

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