Circle Contact Lenses

Why are circle contact lenses otherwise known as big eye contacts so popular? Are they safe to wear as they are not FDA-approved?

Colored contacts that make your eyes look literally larger than life are highly popular with young people right now. The lenses themselves are actually no bigger than a normal colored contact lens, but they concentrate the color on the outer rim of the lens, thereby creating the illusion of a larger eye.

Big Eye Contacts

Big eye contacts are known as circle contact lenses and they are hot property in the US, having first gained popularity in Korea, where they were invented.

Lady Gaga's video for her song Bad Romance prompted this new cosmetic fashion contact lenses trend in the West, although her "big eyes" were actually computer generated.

circle contacts Circle Contact Lenses
as worn by Shandi-Lee

Circle contact lenses do have a pretty dramatic effect, as the above picture shows. They create a highly desirable Barbie Doll look which Asian girls seem to love. Not so, however, the FDA, as most of these circle lenses are sold at VERY cheap prices - commonly $20 per PAIR - and these cheap colored contacts are simply not considered safe by the FDA.

Of course, that does stop hundreds of mainly Asian websites offering circle contact lenses for sale online. They are available in both prescription and non prescription (zero power or PLANO) form and one of the most popular brands is called Geo.

NB: Cheap colored contacts are considered unsafe as they are made of cheap "thick" plastic which does not allow your eyes to breathe efficiently. The fact that these lenses are designed to worn for up to 1 year means thay are far thicker than disposable colored contact lenses, compounding the possible risk factors.

If you are tempted by cheap circle contacts online, please also take a look at this range of anime and theatrical contact lenses from our trusted fashion contact lens supplier.

These colored contacts HAVE been approved by the FDA and, provided you follow the correct cleaning and disinfecting procedures, won't harm your eyes.

twilight contact lenses Circle Contacts

Included in the range is this circle lens, available in a range of prescription powers and different colors like violet and gray - so you can get the big eye look without any potential health risks as these lenses are thinner and designed to be worn for a maximum of 1 month.

Prescriptive powers available are -8.0 to +8.0 with a diameter of 14.0 and a base curve of 8.6.

Geo Contacts - Potential Risks

Geo medical in Korea manufacture Geo contacts. They are approved by the Korean Food and Drug Administration, but standards are different from the West, so while reports claim that over a million Asian women have purchased these big eye contact lenses, you should only consider buying cheap contacts with extreme caution and remember that they are NOT considered safe in the USA.

Above all be sure to NEVER share lenses with friends, just because you all want to try the look - it's a surefire way to get a serious eye infection!

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