Contact Lens Removers

Where to find contact lens removers if you have problems taking out your contact lenses.

When I first tried contact lenses 25 years ago, I remember sitting in the optician's for hours while I practised putting them in and trying to take them out. I say "trying" as that's exactly what it was, as my rigid gas permeable lenses were, as far as I was concerned, IMPOSSIBLE to remove!

After the first 15 minutes, my optican tried to take them out for me, but I wouldn't let him anywhere near my eyeball LOL, so he used a little suction device to lift the rigid lens off my eye.

I then persevered until I sort of had the flicking action required to remove RGP lenses mastered.

How to Remove Contact Lenses

howtoremovecontactlenses Taking out a Soft Contact Lens

While practice makes perfect and some people seem to get used to inserting and removing lenses quite quickly, for others, learning how to remove contact lenses can become so stressful, they actually give up wearing contacts altogther!

So why not get a little help as there are many contact lens removers on the market - and it's REMOVAL that most people find the biggest problem.

Here's a selection of contact lens removers:

OptiGear Soft Lens Inserter/Remover

OptiGear Soft Lens Inserter/Remover

The OptiGear brand soft contact lens inserter/remover is the safe and easy way to insert and remove your soft contact lenses.

lensremovalkit Lobob Lens Insertion and Removal Kit

Lobob Soft Contact Insertion/Removal Kit

Minimizes delicate lens contact with hands (dirty, rough or inept) and fingers. Simplifies lens handling.

RGP Inserter/Remover

RGP Inserter/Remover

Easy insertion and removal for RGP (Rigid Gas Permeable) lenses with this simple suctioin device. NB: 3 products are shown in the picture for clarity.

Contact Lens Inserters

Of course, many people, especially those new to contact lenses, have as many problems putting contacts IN as taking them OUT!

In which case you need more than a simple suction device which is really only deisgned for easy lens removal.

Instead you need to look at contact lens inserters AND removers - dual purpose products that make it easy to both put in and remove your lenses.

soft lens inserter Softset Lensvue 2

The Lensvue 2 is a brand new soft lens viewer/inserter with magnification that shows you if your lens is inside out.

High magnification helps you see the lens logo or markings to ensure you are inserting the lens correctly.

The Lensvue 2 comes with a storage and disinfecting container. It also helps with viewing any debris, nicks, or deposits on your lenses that may be causing eye discomfort.

Just pop your lens on the cup section shown at the bottom of the picture, look through the magnifying glass to check the lens is clean and the right way up, then pop it in. To remove, just apply the cup to the eye and gently remove the lens.

Tip: If you are a first time contact lens wearer having difficulty either inserting or removing lenses, and you constantly tear thin disposable lenses each time you have to take them out again because you've inserted them incorrectly, the Softset Lensvue 2 is the product for you. Read product reviews here for more details.

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