LASIK Eye Surgery Picture

See a LASIK eye surgery picture to help you decide whether LASIK surgery is for you.

One of the reasons I'm totally squemish about having LASIK eye treatment is the fact that you have to lie there with your eye held open in a clamp, then have a horrible suction cap applied so that the surgeon can point a searing beam of light at the delicate tissue in your eye.

It really feels like having torture to me. Even more so when you start to look at images of how the operation works like this:

lasereyesurgerypicture LASIK Eye Surgery Picture

In the above image, you can see the eye held open by a huge clamp called a speculum. The surgeon is then using a special pen to mark the surface of the eye in order to point the laser in the right direction.

I mean, imagine if he's just a millimetre out!

LASIK Eye Surgery Picture Guide

keepingeyeopenlaser surgery Applying a suction cap to keep the eye stationary

Here, with the eye still held in that ugly clamp, the surgeon is placing a suction plate onto the eye to hold the eye stationary and flatten the cornea in preparation for cutting a flap from it, the key step in the LASIK process before the excimer laser reshapes your cornea for perfect vision.

lasersurgeryphoto Placing the flap back onto the eye

I can't even bring myself to show you a lasik eye surgery picture of the corneal flap being lifted or a laser aiming straight at the eyeball; it's just too horrid to think about. But here, you can see the flap replaced and the surgeon making sure it's firmly back in position.

Cosmetic Eye Laser Surgery

Many people who opt for cosmetic eye laser surgery do so for vanity reasons; they just don't want to wear eye glasses or have the hassle of using contact lenses. But I'm one of those people who think that going under the surgeon's knife...

...and yes there IS a knife involved with LASIK surgery to lift that corneal flap, unless you opt for the more expensive dual laser method...

...for anything other than a valid medical reason is just plain silly. I mean why run the risk of something going wrong? No matter how safe the procedure has now become, with only 1% of cases having potential complications, just one more look at a LASIK eye surgery picture convinces me never to go there.

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