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How to find contact lens coupons for bigger discounts on your comfortable contact lenses and lens solutions.

Buying anything online is almost unthinkable without some kind of discount voucher these days, and my inbox is packed full of coupon codes, so I'm making the most of any offer I can use:) You can get big discounts using coupon codes on almost any product you care to think about and the contact lens market is no exception. But how do you find these coupons?

Read on for my little secrets on how to get the cheapest most comfortable contact lenses using special coupons.

Coupons for Contacts

Throughout this site, you can find links to coupons for contacts codes - like the one on the right for 20% OFF.

But here's a secret little tip :)

Tip: If you've clicked through to a product but forgotten where that link to the coupon code is, take a look at the small print on the product page. Usually at the bottom or sometimes on the side bars, is a link in very small writing to "coupons" - just open that link in a new window and use one of the relevant coupon codes in the special instructions box before you check-out. Easy!

By the way, if that doesn't work, just key in "coupons" to the search box on the site.

Once you have placed an order with an online retailer, they want to make sure you order again, so they will usually send you a paper coupon with every purchase you make. Just keep it in a safe place and use it next time you place an order. Most will also send you an e-coupon code, sometimes once a month, just to remind you to buy from them next time.

But here's another little tip:)

You can often get a bigger discount by using one of their other coupons as indicated above, or special coupons issued for peak selling times like back to School or during the Holiday season.

Discount Contacts Online

Update March 2020 - Most online retailers no longer offer regular contact lens coupons or codes as their prices are so cheap anyway. They prefer to offer first time buyers an incentive like 20% off the first order, then they will send you regular reminders to re-order.
Tip: If you normally order a year's supply in advance to get the best prices like me, make a note to place your order during Sale periods - good times to choose are Back to School and January after the peak Holiday season.

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