Color Contacts for Astigmatism

Discover what color contacts for astigmatism are available on the market and at what price.

Years ago, it was difficult for someone with astigmatism, where the cornea has an irregular shape causing blurry vision, to wear contact lenses.

My brother tried for months to wear contacts, but his astigmatism was so bad, he just had to give up. Being vain and trying to "get the girls," he didn't even bother to wear glasses when going to nightclubs. Strange how many girls he asked out, only to find they weren't quite as pretty as he remembered in the nightclub!

But advances in technology means that astigmatism sufferers, even those like my brother with severe cases, can wear contact lenses. And TORIC lenses, as contacts for astigmatism are known, are also available with colored tints, for people who want to change the color of their eyes.

NB - Colored contacts for astigmatism are now only available as custom lenses. See more below.

Color Contacts for Astigmatism

For most people, the most comfortable lenses are soft ones, especially the disposable variety which don't require a complex cleaning and disinfecting regime. The problem with an astigmatism prescription, is that it has to allow for correcting the curvature of the eye (the astigmatism) and also cure any short or long-sightedness.

This means your prescription will have numbers for base curve (BC) and diameter (DIA) plus a cylinder number (CYL) and an AXIS number (the astigmatism part of the prescription).

Unfortunately, there aren't many disposable toric soft lenses available in a wide range of cylinder shapes (the popular brands only offer them in cyclinder sizes between -0.75 and -2.25) and when it comes to color contacts for astigmatism, there is now even less choice.

Sadly the popular Freshlook brand that used to offer color contacts for astigmatism no longer makes a toric lens. And there is nothing else available on the market other than a very expensive custom-made lens if you are desperate to change your eye color and need a toric prescription.

Before having a cataract operation on my left eye, I tried wearing a toric lens for the first time. I found that I needed strong reading glasses to see my mobile phone and even to chop onions! So if you normally wear a TORIC lens and just want to change your eye color for evenings out, I suggest you just try a normal single vision lens from the Freshlook Colors range.

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