Cheap Halloween Contacts

What you need to know about cheap Halloween contacts

Searching for the cheapest wacky contact lenses to scare your friends at Halloween?

Before rushing out to buy a pair of cheap Halloween contacts, there are certain things you need to know.

The most important thing is that your eyes are precious and you should not put anything on or in them without visiting an optician first. There are many online retailers selling fashion contacts from as little as $20 per PAIR but these could harm your eyes unless you do some research.

Vampire Contact Lenses

vampire contact lenses Red Vampire contacts

Halloween vampire contact lenses are classed by the FDA as medical devices whether they correct your vision or not. Most cheap cosmetic contacts are sold in PLANO form meaning they do not correct vision as they have zero power.

As a result, many internet sellers call their products "fashion accessories" to imply that their products don't need to conform to certain standards of manufacture.

These fashion contact lenses have become increasingly popular due to TV series such as Twilight, True Blood and Supernatural, but the special effect lenses worn by actors in these series are high quality theatrical grade and these COST MONEY - upwards of $135 PER lens.

But young people, the main target audience for cheap Halloween contacts (after all, parents are never going to pay $200+ for a quality pair of scary contacts), can't afford to pay high prices so are a willing audience for many of the cheap scary options available on the net.

Cheap Halloween Contacts

A few things you need to know about crazy cheap Halloween contacts:

  • Cosmetic contacts sold for Halloween parties are soft colored lenses that cover the colored portion of the eye (the iris) and are designed to be worn for a maximum of 30 days but NOT continuously.
  • The color tint is only on the outside and the color is held in place between 2 layers of clear plastic material to prevent any color flaking off and causing eye irritation; for that reason these lenses are thicker than normal soft contact lenses.
  • As they are thicker, 8 hours is the maximum recommended wear time.
  • As most Halloween party-goers wear lots of make-up and are liable to stay out very late, dry eyes can be a real problem, so don't necessarily expect to wear lenses all night; take some eye wetting drops to keep eyes lubricated.
  • Varying light can make the pupil of the eye expand and contract, altering the effect of the colored lens.
  • Certain styles eg. cat eye can revolve in the eye losing the effect of the cheap Halloween contacts; it is a good option to pay more and buy a lens that has a stabilization effect.
  • Stabilization means the lens is thicker at the bottom to keep the design "vertical" in the eye - this adds another layer of thickness and potential extra dry eye problems.

Always look for websites that offer lenses in both prescription (for vision correction) AND non-prescription form as these are most likely to conform to FDA standards. The ones that only sell plano lenses with zero power are usually the ones with ultra cheap prices and sub standard quality.

NB - there are many cheap Halloween contacts websites offering worldwide delivery, especially those based in China and other Asian countries. Most will not have FDA approval as they are outside the US, so choose your retailer wisely.

Those that do, like, have comprehensive FAQ and information pages, reminding customers to have their eyes tested first as it is illegal to sell contact lenses without a prescription.

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