Mirrored Contact Lenses

Where to buy mirrored contact lenses both wide diameter and normal size.

Looking for mirror tinted contacts?

You have two choices when it comes to mirror lenses, either sclera or normal size tinted soft lenses.

Sclera lenses are custom made theatrical lenses that cover the entire eye. They are visually stunning but
a) they are expensive as they are made to order and
b) they are thicker than the average soft contact lens so they can be uncomfortable to wear, especially if you have sensitive eyes.

Fashion Contact Lenses

Mirror Contacts as seen in the<br><i>Chronicles of Riddick</i> Chronicles of Riddick
Mirrored Contact lenses

Fashion mirror tinted contact lenses are available from many retailers online but be sure to get eyes tested first either to check your current prescription or to confirm, if you don't normally wear contacts, that your eyes are suitable for lens wear.

If, for example, you have astigmatism where the eyeball has an irregular shape, you may not be able to wear sclera lenses.

You can buy mirror contacts at various online retailers. Prices vary from ULTRA cheap eg. $19.99 a pair to well over $100 PER lens. The difference is in the QUALITY of the lens.

Cosmetic mirrored contact lenses achieve their look by applying a tint to the outside of the lens which makes the lens thicker than the average soft contact lens. Cheaper fashion contacts use lower grade, thicker plastic compounds so people with sensitive eyes may find them uncomfortable; they are invariably produced in China and may not have been approved by the FDA as safe to wear.

Tip If you value your eyesight, I recommend ONLY buying from a quality optical retailer with full FDA approval.

The best range of Halloween and mirror-like lenses I have found online is from Vision Direct. Here are the best lenses I've found to offer a mirror effect:

mirroreffectlens Walking Dead mirror effect lenses from Vision Direct icon

At just $29.99 per lens, this Walking Dead style is the cheapest mirror effect lens icon I've found.

It's only available in PLANO form and has a base curve of 8.6 and a diameter of 14.5.

NB: You CAN see through this lens, unlike many other frosted or opaque styles which leave you unable to see, so these lenses are perfectly safe to walk around in at a party!

grishnaklens Mirror effect lens from Vision Direct icon

At $125.99 per lens, this Underworld style is a quality theatrical lens which gives a mirror-like effect. Available from Vision Direct icon these lenses are not cheap but the only alternative is to buy a custom made mirror lens which will cost $200 + per lens.

This lens comes in both plano and prescription form with a diameter of 15.0 and a choice of base curves.

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You can also look for silver color lenses which give a mirror effect due to their color. These are more difficult to find and while I have seen some silver contact lenses on cheap sites selling inferior quality Halloween contacts, I would not recommend them.

Mirror Tinted Contact Lenses

One big question most people ask is whether they can see clearly through a mirror lens. The answer is YES - it's a bit like one of those two-way mirrors you see in the movies when a suspect is being interrogated at a police station - you can see others clearly but all the onlooker sees is your weird look!

But be careful of frosted white lenses - you CANNOT see through these and this is normally clearly stated in the description.

Tip - Put on a pair of stylish dark glasses and prepare to WOW your friends and maybe enemies too when you reveal your fantastic mirror tinted eyes!

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