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Buy cheap Acuvue contact lenses online and save $$$

The Acuvue brand from Johnson & Johnson is the world's number 1 contact lens brand. Why? Because they have a huge range of incredibly comfortable contact lenses for all types of eye-sight problems.

Monthly, Bi-monthly and Weekly disposables, Bifocals, Toric (for astigmatism), Colored lenses and Moist daily disposables are all available from Acuvue

They also produce a range of comfortable colored contacts available in prescription and plano (zero power) form so that non-contact lens wearers can also benefit from a fashionable change in eye color.

I have been a fan of Acuvue lenses for many years and when I moved to Cyprus from the UK, I struggled to find my trusty comfortable contacts I so loved. When I did find an optician that stocked the Acuvue brand, they could only order certain products at a hugely inflated price!

So I turned to the internet to order my cheap Acuvue contact lenses online and now I enjoy perfect vision with my favorite brand and product - Acuvue Advance lenses - at a great price.

Acuvue Advance Contact Lenses

Acuvue Advance Hydraclear Just $18.45 per box

Acuvue Advance contact lenses with Hydraclear are incredibly comfortable lenses. They are actually advertised as a weekly disposable lens but I normally wear mine for 2 weeks, as prescribed by my optician, before throwing them away.

The Hydraclear technology adds a moisture-rich wetting agent to the silicon hydrogel material creating a lens that feels silky and soft, throughout the day.

97% of available oxygen gets to your eye through these lenses and I swear by them having suffered with dry eyes for years wearing gas-permeable contacts in an air-conditioned office.

In addition the lenses have a blue tint and a tiny number on the edge so you can easily spot a lens if you drop it and there's no danger of inserting the lens inside-out.

I buy my cheap Acuvue contact lenses online - Acuvue Advance Hydraclear through AC Lens.

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Acuvue Contact Lenses Free Trial

Looking for an Acuvue contact lenses free trial?

You can't just get a free trial online but you can download free trial vouchers by going to the main Acuvue website. If you live in the US, go to and if you live in the UK, the URL is For other countries, see the links on one of these websites.

You then need to visit an optician to have your eyes tested and the lenses fitted.

Then simply hand over your voucher and get your free trial sample. Even if you're happy with your existing lenses, it's a good way to try cheap Acuvue contact lenses. I've been wanting to try the latest Acuvue Oasys lenses which are supposed to be even more comfortable than Acuvue Advance...but I can't find a participating optician in Cyprus :(

Never mind, I'm happy with my Advance Hydraclear contacts.

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