Severe dry eyes due to laser eye operation

by Laura

I decided to go for laser eye surgery 18 months ago. It's so popular here in Dubai and as I do a lot of sports, including watersports like skiing, I really needed a solution to not wearing contact lenses.

I also really wanted to be able to swim underwater without wearing huge goggles!

I'd always suffered from dry eyes when wearing contact lenses in the hot dusty environment of Dubai, but my surgeon assured me that LASIK surgery would not make the problem any worse; in fact he said that without contacts, I wouldn't notice the dry eyes so much.

Sadly, while I now have 20:20 vision and can swim underwater to my heart's content, I still suffer from severe dry eyes, which at times, cause me a lot of discomfort. I think it's been made worse by the laser eye operation.

I use eye drops on a regular basis to help the problem, and I sometimes resort to painkillers to ease the pain.

I guess it's a price to pay for not having to wear glasses or contact lenses anymore.

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