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by Jon McMurray

Can you make All Green Sclera lenses for the price of the black ones? Below is the shade of green I'd like. The example lens below is a regular contact and I don't want the black border... I simply attached it as a reference colour. One simple consistent colour that covers all the white is what I'm looking for.

Let me know.


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Aug 05, 2011
Custom Green sclera contact lenses
by: Helen

You can definitely order custom sclera lenses in all green although a custom made lens will cost more, especially if they are prescription lenses rather than plano (which don't correct vision) lenses.

The following "almost" all green lenses cost $209.99 EACH from my recommended theatrical lens supplier:

Slither 22" diameter lens.

Predator 22" diamter lens.

Use the links above to find out more.

You can get a totally custom made lens at Marietta Vision, the makers of the above lenses, but I don't know what the price would be.

I suspect it would be more than plain black as the black sclera lenses are standard stock and one of the most popular sclera lenses for Halloween.

Just visit Marietta Vision on the above link to get a quote.

Update November 2011 - my recommended supplier is now offering 25% discount to new buyers, making the price of these expensive lenses far more affordable. Just get the discount code off the site's home page when you click through on the above links.

Good luck


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