Crazy contacts for people with astigmatism

by Tina G.
(Chicago, Illinois)

If I have astigmatism in one eye can I still wear crazy or halloween contact lenses or will I have a problem? Thanks for the info.

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Dec 21, 2013
Crazy contact lenses for astigmatism
by: Helen (website owner)

There are not many crazy contact lenses available for people with astigmatism. The reason is that most Halloween contacts are not intended to be worn for long periods as they are only used a few times a month when people go to parties or maybe even once a year at Halloween.

Many crazy contacts are only sold in "plano" form which means that they have zero corrective power. While many crazy coloured contacts are also available in prescription form with corrective power, they tend to only be available in standard power correction and there are very few manufactured for complicated prescriptions ie. for people with astigmatism.

Why? Because there's not enough demand for companies to produce lenses with astigmatism powers of correction.

As you only have astigmatism in one eye, my advice would be to try some crazy coloured contacts with a normal prescription as close to your eye with astigmatism as possible and wear-test them to see if you can see properly.

You will probably find that the eye with astigmatism does not give clear vision or perhaps that the lens rotates on the eye which can spoil the effect of some crazy contacts eg. cat eye contacts where the pattern needs to stay horizontal on your eye.

Hope that helps.


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