Contact lenses and hayfever red eye problems

by Sarah
(Malaga, Spain)

I suffer from hayfever and really struggle with my contact lenses when my eyes start to water when spring arrives. They mist up, itch like crazy and are really uncomfortable to wear when there is lots of pollen around.

What can I do to make my lenses more comfortable?

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Feb 17, 2011
Contact lens discomfort and hayfever
by: Helen

It's very common to experience uncomfortable dry, itchy and red sore eyes when spring arrives and all the pollen bursts forth from the trees and flowers.

There are a few things you can do to alleviate the problems:

1 Use allergy eye drops made for use with contact lenses.

2 Take your lenses out more frequently and if necessary revert to wearing glasses if they become very uncomfortable.

3 If you wear soft lenses, consider using a daily disposable lens like Acuvue Moist (the one I use). When your eyes water, they leave more residue on the lens and that is harder to clean off. A daily lens means you don't need to worry about cleaning them at all!

By the way, I use Acuvue Moist daily disposables during the dry summer months here in Cyprus. I find my usual 1-2 week lenses get covered in dust and grit, especially when I'm out cycling, and they are really difficult to get clean even when rubbing with contact lens cleaner.

Using daily disposables is far easier and, as I was throwing away my usual lenses after just a few days in some cases, they actully work out just as cheap as I don't need to use lens solution for that time period.

Good luck this Hay fever season!

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