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Hi was just reading your info about colored bifocal contacts. Contrary to what you have written, Lasik surgery will NOT correct and allow you to dispose of bifocals. Lasik will correct distance but as you age (40+) you will still need readers.

Just an FYI

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Jan 24, 2017
Lasik surgery
by: Helen

Thanks for your comment.

While Lasik eye surgery usually only corrects for distance - either for short-sightedness or long-sightedness - it can also be used for patients with presbyopia (blurred near vision as we get older) by correcting one eye for near vision and leaving the other eye or, if necessary, correcting that eye for distance vision.

Many people find it difficult to adapt to different powers in each eye and can also lose depth perception.

But a new type of Lasik surgery is being developed called Multifocal LASIK or PresbyLASIK surgery where the cornea is reshaped to allow the creation of different power zones.

This is not currently available in the US, but it is available in other countries like Cyprus where I live. A friend has recently had this surgery done with good results.

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