2 week disposable contacts

by David
(Oregon, US)

I don't wear my 2 week disposable contacts every day as I work in an air conditioned office and my eyes get dry. If I only wear them say twice a week, can I wear them for longer than 2 weeks?

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Jul 22, 2010
wearing 2 week disposable contacts longer than 2 weeks
by: Helen

Hi David

The 2 weeks refers to the actual wearing time so if you only wear your lenses for 2 days per week then they should last for 7 weeks (same as the normal 14 days if wearing every day).

Make a note in your diary or put a reminder in your phone (I always forget otherwise!) to tell you when to change them but also guage the wearing time on how comfortable the lenses feel.

You shouldn't wear them for longer than a 2 week period (whether over 2 weeks or 7) but if you can "feel" them then they probably need changing.

November 2011 update - I just found a great contact lens accessory to remind you when to change your lenses - great if you only wear lenses for a couple of days every week and then can't remember when you actually started using them.

My "find" is a contact lens timer which also comes with a set of colored lens cases, perfect for households with multiple lens wearers.

You can find the lens timer on my accessories page.

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