Zombie Lenses

Complete your zombie costume with spiral zombie lenses that make your eyes look completely spaced out, just like one of the walking dead.

While white contacts are one way to complete a zombie look, another option is to pop in a pair of black and white spiral lenses. Read on for tips on where to get them and other ideas on how to create the perfect zombie costume.

Scary Contact Lenses

spiral contact lenses Zombie spiral contacts $29.99 icon

I love these spiral scary contact lenses icon as they are so versatile. You don't need to wait till October 31st to wear these as they are perfect for either the zombie look or just to wear when you want to scare your friends!

Pop a pair of zombie lenses in after you've finished putting on your zombie costume and start to shuffle along like one of the walking dead.

With spaced-out eyes like these, you really will stand out from the rest of the crowd.

These lenses are only available in plano form with zero prescriptive power, but you can buy zombie contacts with powers up to -6.00 by buying plain white contacts or how about red eye contacts icon which also look great as the color stands out against the white of your outer eye.

Zombie Costume Ideas

Of course, scary zombie lenses are just the finishing touch for the zombie look. If like many people, you need some help putting together an actual walking dead costume, here are some zombie costume ideas, all of which can be created either from old clothes at the back of your closet or by a visit to a charity store:

  • Get an old suit and a white shirt. Slash vertical holes in the trouser legs and arms of the jacket and shirt. Spray paint the clothing with red dye or just dab red paint in various places.

  • A married couple could dress up as a zombie bride and groom - what else are you going to do with your unwanted wedding dress? You can always dye the dress red after spraying it with red paint and some zombie addicts have even been known to actually get married dressed as the undead!

  • Dress as a zombie child. Think schoolgirl or schoolboy outfit with pigtails, shorts/skirt and a white top. Tear up the clothes, spray them red and get hold of a cuddly toy and dot red paint to look like blood over the toy too. Make sure you carry it round with you all the time.

For your face, buy some red face paint and get creative - there's no set rule for the zombie look! Create blood trails from the corner of your mouth; smear red all around your mouth and down your chin and neck; put red face paint around your eyes. And for a washed-out look, dust white face powder all over your face before you start.

Tip: Always put your zombie contact lenses in AFTER applying make-up and AFTER washing your hands thoroughly, otherwise you risk getting traces of face paint/eyeliner etc. on your lenses and this could lead to an eye infection.

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