Wacky Contact Lenses

Dare to be different with wacky contact lenses.

If you want the ultimate crazy fancy dress outfit, there's no better way than to pop in a pair of crazy wacky contact lenses. There are so many to choose from, the most difficult bit will be what look to go for but the amazing range of theatrical lenses from FDA-approved retailer Vision Direct, may make it easier for you.

Choose from contacts that can make wearers look like a vampire, a zombie, a wolf or a devil and the great thing is, they can be safely worn by people who DON'T need to wear lenses for vision correction as well as those who do.

These soft colored contact lenses can be worn every day if desired, although most people will probably use them up to 30 times; they offer an amazing look for just an alternative night out or for a Halloween party.

Wacky Contacts Wacky Contacts selection

Want to have white-out eyes for a zombie look?

Or totally black eyes for a really spooky feel?

Or how about hypnotising your mates with a pair of hypnotica lenses?

All these totally wacky looks and many more are available from Vision Direct and you can get 25% discount when you use coupon code NEW25VISION at the checkout.

And don't worry - you can see perfectly through them, a bit like a two-way mirror, so your friends can't see the real expression in your eyes!

Who can Wear Crazy Colored Contact Lenses?

Theatrical contact lenses are available for anyone, even if your vision is perfect; all you do is choose what is known as a plano lens which has a zero prescription ie. there is NO lens correction.

And of course if you are as blind as a bat...

...that's little old shortsighted me!
then they're also available in prescription form.

Beware of cheaper brands (or some with no brand at all!) that offer thicker, far more uncomfortable lenses. Your eyes will suffer believe me!

Cleaning Contact Lenses

Tip: Make sure you clean and disinfect your wacky contact lenses – follow these guidelines:
  • Ensure your hands are CLEAN and bug-free before inserting or removing wacky contact lenses.

  • Never EVER let your friends or relatives try them – this is how eye infections start!

  • If eyes become sore or irritated TAKE OUT the lenses straightaway.

  • Beware of applying heavy make-up close to the eyes. You may want to complete your crazy eyes look with face-paint etc. but make-up particles can get under the lens and cause eye irritation.

  • After use, ALWAYS clean and disinfect your lenses – this is especially important for wacky contacts which are only likely to be worn occasionally.

    You should have visited an optician to check that your eyes are suitable for contact lens wear (even if you don't need to wear them to see properly) so you can ask your optician for advice on how to clean and disinfect lenses correctly. If not, check out our how to look after your lenses page.

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