How to Make an Avatar Halloween Costume for Neytiri the Na'vi

Learn how to make an avatar Halloween costume using blue face and body paint, a black wig and simple clothing and accessories to look just like the Na'vi Neytiri.

The perfect look to accompany your brand new avatar contact lenses!

avatarcostumes Avatar Halloween costumes courtesy of Guilherme Jofili

Some of the most popular Halloween costumes back in 2010 were Avatar costumes, in particular, Neytiri the Na'vi princess. Although the blockbuster film Avatar is now a few years old, dressing like an Avatar is still a great way to go for a fancy dress party.

But why buy an expensive Avatar costume when it's fun to spend time making your own costume. Just follow these simple tips on how to make an avatar Halloween costume at home; it's not as difficult as you might think.

Homemade Halloween Costumes

Many people simply don't have enough patience or imagination to make homemade Halloween costumes but although they can take a little time to put together, many DIY fancy dress outfits look better than run-of-the-mill shop-bought costumes.

Movie-inspired Halloween costumes like Avatar costumes can often be easier to create as there is no shortage of online video footage and marketing material from which to get ideas. So before you start, take some screen shots of Neytiri from both the official Avatar movie website and fan sites like Naviblue, where many fans have posted images of their own homemade Avatar Halloween costumes.

Essential Parts of an Avatar Costume

There are several essential parts of an Avatar costume, namely a blue face and body, black hair with braids, pointed ears and a long tail. Blue face paint can obviously be used on the face but most people will not want to paint their entire body blue, if for no other reason than it can get pretty cold at the end of October.

To make Neytiri's outfit, here's how to make an avatar Halloween costume:

  • For the body, options include blue stockings or leggings, a blue leotard with three-quarter sleeves from a dance shop or even a blue Morphsuit, minus the head. Choose a blue color that is light enough to take a darker blue marker pen then paint the distinctive zebra stripes of the Na'vi onto the body costume.

  • For the hair, choose a long black wig tied into a single braid at the back or buy a short one and attach the braid formed from lots of black beads threaded onto thin wire together with several single strands of colored beads that can hang in front of the face.

  • For the ears, either buy some pointed ears from a joke store and paint them blue or take some blue fabric, fold it into a triangle then stitch the bottom so that the ear points upwards and then attach one to each side of the wig.

  • For the tail, take a piece of garden wire about 6 feet long, bend it in half so you have a gap about an inch thick inside and then wrap blue material like felt around the wire to form the tail. Paint dark stripes on the end of the tail then attach to the costume.

  • For the face and hands, paint all over with blue face paint and add darker stripes down the forehead and on the cheeks (refer to your screenshots and the images below).

  • For clothing, Neytiri's look is barely there so either be brave and wear just a flesh colored bikini bottom with tassels or cover up and go for a pair of shorts.

Neytiri's costume suits a thinner body shape but a slim female of any height can get away with this Avatar Halloween costume; after all, nobody is 9ft tall!

Tip: To make an avatar Haloween costumer properly, you need to buy some blue face paint.

Where to Buy Blue Face Paint

Snazaroo is the most well-known brand making blue face paint and is available from many online retailers including Amazon. When looking for face paint of any color, ensure it is easy to both apply and take off. The best face paints, like the ones from Snazaroo are water-based and are both hypo allergenic and fragrance free.

An 18ml pot of blue face paint will go a long way but you may want to buy a couple of pots if you plan to paint the whole body. Remember too that water-based paints will stain pretty much anything you touch if it's a warm sticky night so be careful where you sit if you have chosen the full body paint option.

Have some fun this Halloween season using my tips on how to make an Avatar Halloween costume. Look like an authentic Na'vi with braided hair, long tail, beads and the essential blue face, body and blue pointed ears.

And don't forget to buy your avatar contact lenses to complete the look.

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