Avatar Contact Lenses

Buy Avatar contact lenses for an authentic Avatar fancy dress costume.

The popularity of the blockbuster film Avatar has made thousands of people the world over want to dress like one of the Na'vi.

While costumes can be bought online or made simply at home by studying pictures of the various characters like Neytiri the Na'vi and blue body point can be purchased from sites like Amazon, Avatar contact lenses add the final realistic touch to any fancy dress outfit and they are available to buy online now.

Movie Special Effect Contacts

avatar na'vi contact lenses Avatar Na'vi contact lenses
Just $29.99

These fantastic green-yellow contacts add the perfect final touch to your Avatar costume.

Available from Vision Direct, who only stock high quality FDA-approved lenses, these colored lenses have a diameter of 14.5 and a base curve of 8.6. This is a "standard" size for plano lenses which have zero corrective vision power and so can be worn by anyone.

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But as I've said many times before, don't order these Avatar contact lenses until you've visited an optician to check your eyes are suitable for contact lenses and to make sure that this standard size of lens will FIT your eyes properly.

If they don't, you may not have clear vision and more importantly, they will be very uncomfortable. Not what you want half-way through that fancy dress party!

Movie Special Effect Contacts

The above lenses are only available in plano form so if you need to wear lenses to correct your vision, they are not suitable. However, Vision Direct do a large range of alternative movie-inspired special effect lenses so check out the full range of SFX lenses now.

Avatar Halloween Costume

Apart from your must-have Na'vi contact lenses, blue body paint, a black wig and some key accessories like pointed ears are essential to make an Avatar Halloween costume. There are lots of blogs online and the official Avatar site has some great pictures to inspire. Or just read the article in the box below.

Tip: If you want to make your own Avatar Halloween costume, check out my page on how to dress like Neytiri the Na'vi.

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