Vampire Contact Lenses

Get the Dracula look with vampire contact lenses in vibrant blood red

The best way to create the vampire look is to grab a big black cloak, some large plastic fangs from a joke shop or proper theatrical supplies store and pop in a pair of red contact lenses.

Vision Direct have the perfect red eye contacts and they can be worn by those needing lenses to see properly as well as those with 20-20 vision who just want to create a different scary look.

Vampire red contact lenses - $29.99

Alternatively, look for fashion colored contacts that create a bloodshot eye effect (white lenses with red splatters to look like a gunshot wound) or black lenses with red flames emanating from the center.

And in case you're wondering, you can still see perfectly through red contact lenses - the color is only visible to your scared onlookers.

Halloween Contacts No Prescription

Halloween contacts are especially popular as fashion accessories as many styles available on the market need no prescription.

BUT here's a little secret..."No prescription" simply means that they do not correct vision as they have zero dioptric power. It does NOT mean you shouldn't visit an eye doctor first.

"But why do I need to see an optician if I have perfect vision?" I hear you ask.

Well, for starters, you need to check that your eyes are suitable for contact lenses. Many people have what is known as astigmatism, where the cornea (the front curve of the eye) has an irregular shape, so rather than being spherical, it's longer in one direction than the other; that means an ordinary contact lens, even one with no prescription may not be suitable.

Another good reason to visit an eye doctor is that you can learn how to properly clean and disinfect your lenses after use, especially important as most vampire contact lenses are only worn a few times a year at Halloween parties.

Gothic Contact Lenses

The popularity of TV series like Twilight and Supernatural has made gothic contact lenses all the more popular. If you're thinking of buying a pair, you have the choice of either expensive theatrical grade contacts called sclera lenses - these cover the entire eye including the white portion either side of the iris - or standard size soft contact lenses.

Expect to pay at least $150 PER lens for sclera lenses and around $30 for each standard size cosmetic contact lens. See my Twilights page for more details.

There are cheap vampire lenses on the market too, some as low as $20 per pair BUT these are not the same quality and may hurt your eyes as the plastic is thicker and won't allow your eyes to breathe properly. You may be tempted if you only plan to wear them a couple of times, but your eyes are precious so please be cautious.

If you want to buy FDA approved safe lenses from a reputable supplier, go to Vision Direct to see their extensive range of vampire and other Halloween theatrical contact lenses. AND save 25% using coupon code NEW25VISION at the checkout.

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