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Warning - Discount Halloween contact lenses may harm your eyes

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Theatrical special effect contact lenses have been around for many years and in the past were mainly worn by actors in scary horror movies such as Tom Cruise in Interview with a Vampire.

But in recent years, there are has been a huge rise in the availability of discount Halloween contact lenses, fuelled partly by party-goers who just have to go one better at their annual Halloween bash and also by TV shows like Twilight.

Cheap Halloween Contacts

blood red contact lenses Blood Red Halloween contacts
$39.99 from Vision Direct

While it's possible to buy cheap Halloween contacts from as little as $20 per PAIR, the blood red contact lenses shown opposite cost $39.99 for EACH lens.

Why is there such a huge difference in price I hear you ask?

Basically it boils down to quality and the manufacturing process. A quality pair of colored special effect lenses is made by sealing the color image (which gives that lens it's particular special effect) between two layers of clear plastic film. The clear film prevents any color flaking off into the eye which could cause an eye infection.

Adding extra layers of plastic means you have a thicker contact lens and thicker lenses allow less oxygen through to the eyes.

Quality suppliers and retailers will have FDA appoval to sell special effect lenses as their lenses have been wearer-tested to prove they do not harm the eyes. Discount Halloween contact lenses suppliers on the other hand, are highly unlikely to have FDA approval and consumers risk harming their eyes. Possible side-effects include:

  • Dry sore eyes from wearing thick plastic contacts with virtually no breathability.
  • Eye infections due to inferior manufacturing which allows color to flake off the lenses and get into the eye.
  • Distorted vision as the color restricts light flow into the eye rather than allowing the correct amount of light through as is usual with a quality pair of lenses.

Crazy Contact Lenses

Despite these risks, many young people buy cheap Halloween crazy contact lenses as they see them as simple throw-away fashion accessories. They would rather pay a low price and then throw the lenses away or worse, give them to a friend which then sets off a whole potential chain of eye infection problems.
Tip: If you are thinking of buying discount Halloween contact lenses, please do some research and check out at least 3 online retailers to compare prices and whether they have FDA approval. Having checked many sites, I recommend Vision Direct, a quality optical retailer with an extensive range of FDA approved fashion contact lenses available in both prescription and plano form. They also offer a 25% discount to first time buyers.

Also, beware of sites that don't ask you to verify your prescription. This applies whether you need lenses for vision correction or not as even if you are looking for so-called plano lenses which have zero power, you MUST still visit an optician to make sure your eyes are suitable for lenses and for the correct fit.

My opinion: $20-$50 for just one lens is expensive but many Halloween contacts are hand-made and quality lenses will last for around 30 wears so that means plenty of fancy dress parties for several years to come!

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