Best Bifocal Contacts

How to find the best bifocal contacts so you can have perfect vision whether reading or looking at something close by or further away.

Are you over 40 and finding it difficult to read small print like classified ads in the newspaper or instructions on the back of bottles and packets?

Do you have to hold certain things like restaurant menus and books further away to see them clearly?

Then you may need bifocal contact lenses. But how do you go about finding whether a) they will suit you and b) how to find the best bifocal contacts for your particular vision problem?

Last year, I went for an eye test as I noticed I couldn't focus on small print properly...

...a sure sign of old age ha ha!
My optician tested my eyes and said my prescription hadn"t actually changed and told me to switch on the light when reading small print! A good suggestion incidently, as I had been trying to read in dim light.

But for many people, the ageing process brings with it a condition known as presbyopia where vision becomes blurred when working close up on a computer or perhaps while sewing or reading. It can affect long and short-sighted people equally. And if you are a contact lens wearer, you don't need to revert to bifocal eye glasses as there are many brands of bifcal contacts available.

Brands of Bifocal Contacts

If you need a different prescription for distance versus close-up viewing then there are several brands of bifocal contact lenses for you to try. Popular brands include:

  • Acuvue - Bifocal and Oasys for Presbyopia, both disposable soft contacts lenses from Johnson and Johnson.

  • Proclear - Multifocal and Multifocal Toric, a two-lens system where each eye has a different but complementary prescription.

  • Focus - Focus Dailies Progressives, which combine 2 different prescriptions within each lens.

  • Frequency - Multifocal 55, which offer a different prescription for each eye.

  • Soflens - Soflens Multifocal, a so-called aspheric lens with two different prescriptions in each lens; the eye chooses which to use based on what it sees at that moment.

  • Purevision - Purevision Multifocal, a 30-day silicone hydrogel lens for supreme comfort with all-distance optics allowing clear vision at all distances.

Where to Buy Bifocal Contact Lenses

You can buy buy bifocal contact lenses at all major optical online retailers but bifocal lenses are much harder to fit than ordinary contact lenses. Finding the right solution for each individual can be complicated due to the different types of bifocal lenses available and what works for one person may not work for another.

But once you have settled on the best bifocal contacts for you, often through trial and error and multiple visits to your eye doctor, then you can go online to buy your lenses at the best price.

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